Pelican Sentinel 120XR

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The SENTINEL Recreational Sit-on-top Collection is ideal for the paddler looking to enjoy a stable and relaxing kayaking experience during the warm season on calm or slow moving waters. The SENTINEL 120XR is tailored to the paddler looking for better tracking and increased capacity. It is also for those looking for the most comfortable paddling option at the same time benefitting from equipment upgrades that will make their experience more enjoyable. At 12′ long and only 56 lb, with its ergonomic carrying handles, the SENTINEL 120XR is easy to carry around, transport and with a total weight capacity of 350lb, you’ll be able to bring along plenty of gear or even a small companion. This kayak comes equipped with our Ergocast SB Seating System™. An extremely comfortable chair that allows you to adjust seat tension to make sure you get the support you need. Easily removable, you can also use this seat on the beach as you take a quick break to snack or relax. Adjustable footrests will ensure you maintain an ideal paddling position. Bringing along everything you need is easy with the inclusion of a front storage platform and rear tank well both equipped with bungee cords, and rear 4″” day hatch with storage bag. You can keep within easy reach anything you tuck away inside the doublewide front Quick Lock hatch. There is a convenient bottle holder, which will keep your drink nearby. Plus, two convenient paddle holders allow you to quickly free up your hands. Our unique manufacturing process allows us to include additional flotation inside the hull of all of our sit-on-tops in order to meet or surpass ABYC Standards. This overall process keeps our kayaks lighter than the competition while making them even more solid and buoyant. Made with patented RAM-X™ PREMIUM material, an exceptionally durable high molecular weight polyethylene that contains a top layer of advanced resin, which provides more rigidity while still being conveniently lightweight, the SENTINEL 120XR will be around for years of great memories made in comfortable bliss.

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Weight 25.4 kg
Dimensions 366 × 76 × 38 cm