Pelican Argo 100X

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Pelican Argo 100X is another widely popular recreational kayak from Pelican. With the right balance of price and features, it is not difficult to see why.


Size and Weight

Just like other Pelican kayaks that have a “100” in their name, Pelican Argo 100X is 10 ft (305 cm) long. The kayak is 28 in. (71 cm) wide and has a deck height of 14 in. (36 cm). At 36 lbs (16.3 kg), Pelican Argo 100X is a very lightweight boat. You can literally grab it one-handed and carry around.

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Similar to other 10-foot models by Pelican, the Argo’s maximum capacity is 275 lbs (125 kg). This is not much, keeping in mind that this weight should include you together with your clothes, PFD, paddle and all of your gear. For better performance, it’s a good idea to stay within 80 percent of the kayak’s capacity. In any case, do not exceed the boat’s maximum weight limit and always wear a life jacket, even in shallow, calm waters.


Like most Pelican models, Pelican Argo 100X is made of RAM-X material using thermoforming technology. RAM-X is a three-layer sheet of high-density polyethylene. A sheet of RAM-X is heated up and stretched over a mold using vacuum. Two parts of the hull are then melted together, creating a strong bond.

Don’t be afraid that your kayak will leak or come apart at the seams. The seams are the strongest part of the hull!


The Argo 100X does not come with a lot of fancy equipment. You get two carry handles (rope+plastic), a bungee cord on the front deck that secures a large (but not waterproof) hatch, and a simple organizer in front of the cockpit with an integrated bottle holder. There is another bottle holder between the paddler’s legs.

At the stern, there’s a reasonably sized open storage platform with a bungee cord. The storage platform has a self-bailing design, meaning that any water that gets in will drain out via two scupper holes in the bottom.

The seat of the Argo is a step up from entry-level models such as Pelican Rise 100X. The seat pad has more cushioning and ventilation. The backrest is cushioned and adjustable via two straps.

The cockpit opening is generously sized, measuring 50 in. (127 cm) by 24.5 in. (62.2 cm). Inside, you’ll find molded footrests that are great for multi-user situations but don’t always let you find the best position for your feet.

Two styrofoam blocks, one on each side of the seat, provide extra floatation if the boat is filled with water. Do not remove them. Remember that a sit-inside kayak can sink if completely swamped. Sit-on-top kayaks, while they can give you a wetter ride, are inherently safer in this respect.


Pelican Argo 100X provides decent speed and tracking for a kayak of this length (longer boats are usually faster). Its twin-arched multi-chine hull offers great primary stability, which is why Pelican kayaks are so popular among beginners and occasional paddlers.

Like Pelican’s other recreational kayaks, Pelican Argo 100X is designed for small bodies of water and relaxed recreational trips. This is not a touring kayak, so it won’t go fast. This is not a whitewater kayak, so stay away from fast-moving rivers, waves, and the wind.


Pelican Argo 100X comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the hull and a 1-year limited warranty for pre-installed accessories. For more information about Pelican’s warranty terms, click here.

Additional information

Specification: Pelican Argo 100X

Length (in) 120
Length (cm) 305
Width (in) 28
Width (cm) 71
Height (in) 14
Height (cm) 36
Weight (lb) 36
Weight (kg) 16.3
Load Capacity (lb) 275
Load Capacity (kg) 125
Cockpit length (in) 50
Cockpit length (cm) 127
Cockpit width (in) 24.5
Cockpit type
Cockpit width (cm) 62.2
Material RAM-X™ polyethylene
Technology thermoformed
Seat Ergoform™ seat cushion and adjustable padded backrest
Bottle holders 2
Bungee cords 2
Footrests adjustable
User Level ,
Intended Use Recreation
Water type ,
Warranty limited lifetime for hull; 1 year for pre-assembled accessories
Manufacturer website
Weight 16.3 kg
Dimensions 305 × 71 × 36 cm

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