Pelican Icon 100XP Angler

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Pelican designed their Icon 100XP Angler for the passionate fishermen who enjoy paddling and casting lines in tight, non-commercial turfs. Well, this kayak can take you to any freshwater fishing spot you made up your mind about.

Pelican Icon 100XP Angler
Pelican Icon 100XP Angler



Regardless of whether you’re an experienced fisherman or angling novice, Pelican Icon 100XP Angler is the kayak that can help you reel in fish from a comfortable chair, standup or wade fishing if that’s your style.

Size and Weight

Sharing the same 10 ft (305 cm) length as many Pelican fishing kayaks, the Icon 100XP Angler measures 30.5 in (77 cm) beamwidth, a rather high deck profile of 16 in. (40.5 cm) and weighs 49 lbs (22.2 kg). Still very lightweight for a fishing kayak, yet it is heavier and bulkier than Pelican Sentinel 100X Angler. The Icon Angler is very practical for storage and transportation – requires no additional gear or a big garage.

With a load capacity of 325 lbs (147 kg), Pelican Icon 100XP offers plenty of room for your catch and gear, but it’s best not to exceed 80 percent of the boat’s carrying capacity if you prefer having a dry and enjoyable trip.


Like all of the premium line of Pelican models, Athena 100XP is made of RAM-X Premium material. Using thermoforming technology, RAM-X is a three-layer sheet of high-density polyethylene with an advanced resin in the top layer imparting a glossy finish and providing significantly more rigidity than standard polyethylene. A sheet of RAM-X is heated up and stretched over a mold using vacuum. Two parts of the hull are then melted together, creating a strong bond.

Don’t be afraid that your kayak will leak or come apart at the seams. The seams are the strongest part of the hull!


Pelican Icon 100XP Angler provides the fishing features and standability of more expensive kayaks.
When it comes to portaging the shallows, the Icon Angler comes with two ergonomic carrying handles at the bow and stern and tough side handles that allow firm grip of the midst. Six scupper plugs and a drain plug keep your kayak dry.

Starting from front to back, the round bow hatch covered with a sturdy quick-lock lid allows stowing accessories or equipment you don’t need throughout the day. However, try not to forget to put the water-sensitive items in dry bags.

Moving toward the cockpit, adjustable footrests with multiple lock points allow leg comfort to paddlers of all sizes.
The molded center console comes equipped with a swivel rod holder, well-positioned to prevent line entanglement and a recess for lay-flat bottle holder. There are numerous recesses and indentations across the deck that allow custom modification of the boat. Round, 6-8 inch recess for installing a deck plate is located in front of the seat, as well as four accessory mounting eyelets – two above the footrests and two in line with the chair.

The chair itself is very comfortable and ergonomic. Straps under the base allow adjusting the seat tension. You can tune the backrest angle to the best back support position for paddling or relaxing. Pelican’s removable ERGOCAST™ SB Seating seat is covered with a breathable mesh material. It also doubles as a camp chair which you can flip to gain more room for fly fishing.

Behind the seating area, Pelican includes two angled, flush-mounted rod holders that can accommodate standard to medium performing poles.

The large rear tankwell can easily fit a milk crate or a cooler and a backpack. The Icon Angler provides plenty of storage options for spending the night camping and fishing if that’s your idea of fun.

When it comes to safety features, Pelican Icon 100XP Angler includes foam blocks between the deck and hull bottom.



The multi-chine flat bottom hull provides excellent stability for stand up fishing in your Pelican Icon 100XP Angler. This kayak performs best in flat lakes, slow-moving rivers, and streams in calm, up to moderate weather conditions. It swiftly turns and handles river tights and swirls pretty well.

Moreover, the tracking is surprisingly good for a 10 footer. It does pick up a good pace while paddling, but as soon as you finish, it cannot maintain the speed. The added foam block inside the hull help with the tracking and speed, but the Icon Angler is designed to keep you stable and safe while fishing and to be easily maneuvered.


Pelican Rise 100 NXT comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the hull and a 1-year limited warranty for pre-installed accessories. For more information about Pelican’s warranty terms, click here.

Additional information

Specification: Pelican Icon 100XP Angler

Width (in)


Height (in)


Weight (lb)


Load Capacity (lb)


Cockpit type

sit on top







User Level

Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate

Intended Use


Water type

Slow rivers (Class I-II), Small lakes


Ergocast SB Seating System™ frame seat

Rod holders





limited lifetime for hull; 1 year for pre-assembled accessories

Weight 22.2 kg
Dimensions 305 × 77 × 40.5 cm

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