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Your tent needs to be trustworthy, so it’s important to know what it's made of. In this article various tent materials are explained in detail.

What are the best ways to insulate your camping tent for cold seasons? In this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know regarding tent insulation.

There are quite a number of ways you can safely heat your tent when you go camping in cold climates. Here are the best tent heating ideas that work.

One of the oldest brands in the industry, Eddyline builds lightweight, high-performance recreational, touring, and sea kayaks. Here's what they have to offer ...

To make your overnight camping adventure comfortable, you need a light source. Here’s our campsite lighting ideas guide to keep your tent and camping area lit.

How much should you spend on a tent nowadays? This guide outlines various factors to keep in mind that affect a tent’s price.

Maintaining your canvas tent is important, if you want it to be your trusted friend. Here are the tips on how to repair a canvas tent, so it could serve you ...

There's a general checklist to make any of your camping trips safe. Here we'll describe it in detail and give you tips to camp confidently, responsibly, and ...

Do you like to take your friends or family on camping trips? Our guide on 10-person camping tents will help you buy the right tent for your family’s or ...

Buying a canvas tent is quite an investment. Part of taking care of it is waterproofing. Here is our step-by step guide on how to waterproof a canvas tent.

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