Eddyline Whisper CL

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A smooth and elegant two person touring kayak which tracks through the water effortlessly, the Whisper CL is a comfortable, spacious option for couples and pairs to go for long days out on the water.


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A smooth and elegant two person touring kayak which tracks through the water effortlessly, the Whisper CL is a comfortable, spacious option for couples and pairs to go for long days out on the water.
  • Tracks well thanks to a long waterline.
  • Very fast when two people are paddling efficiently.
  • Extremely stable and great for beginners or youngsters.
  • Extra length in front of bow paddlers means a drier ride.
  • Closer seating positions take some getting used to to avoid clashing paddles.
  • The width may inhibit some smaller paddlers.

Size, Weight, Capacity

The Whisper CL is 18’ (584 cm) long and 28” (71 cm) wide. This length means it carries speed really well on open water, and the width makes it stable and accessible for paddlers of all sizes and skill levels.

This extra width gives the boat an enormous capacity of 600 lbs (272 kg). This is more than enough for most pairs to comfortably enjoy a day out with all their gear or even go on a short weekend expedition.

That much kayak doesn’t come without some weight. Even with Eddyline’s lightweight construction, this boat comes in at 73 lbs (33 kg), heavy enough for a pair to carry even without any kit in.


At the rear of the Whisper CL is a foot-controlled rudder which is operated by the rear paddler, while the front paddler has adjustable foot pegs. Both positions are fitted with the extremely comfortable Infinity seats and backrest systems which are adjustable for a custom fit. Thigh braces would be a welcome addition to the boat for extra control.

This kayak has watertight hatches at the front and the rear to store your gear, especially useful if you are planning to go on an overnight adventure. These are separated by bulkheads which also give the kayak additional buoyancy.

The top deck has two sections of bungee, one in front of each paddler, to stow any gear you may need throughout the day. There are also comfortable, ergonomic carrying handles at either end of the boat to move it around, a necessity given the weight.


The Whisper CL accelerates and carries speed easily and has retained a good level of maneuverability, which the rudder system no doubt helps. The minimal rocker profile gives this boat an extremely long waterline and it tracks very well.

For a two person kayak with a closed cockpit, the Whisper CL is quite wide. This is great for stability and makes this a very accessible kayak to paddlers of all sizes, but some smaller users may have to adapt their paddling style to avoid knocking their thumbs on the cockpit as they paddle.

One major difference between the Whisper CL and other two person kayaks is the seating positions. The seats are much closer together than is common, allowing easier conversation between paddlers as well as making it easier to pass items between you. The extra length of the bow not only gives the forward paddler more space, but also ensures a dryer ride in rougher conditions. This is all very positive, but being so close together means that you will need some degree of paddle coordination to avoid clashing your blades together. While this is very achievable for regular pairs, it’s something to consider if you plan to use this with youngsters or a range of different paddlers.

Additional information

Specification: Eddyline Whisper CL

Length (in) 216
Width (in) 28
Weight (lb) 73
Load Capacity (lb) 600
Cockpit length (in) 35
Cockpit width (in) 18.5
Cockpit type
Hull design Shallow V hull
Material ABS plastic
Propulsion paddle
Seat Padded Infinity seats with adjustable backrests
Front bulkhead Yes
Rear bulkhead Yes
Front storage hatch 1
Rear storage hatch 1
Dry storage 2
Bungee cords 2
Footrests adjustable
Rudder/skeg Rudder
Crew 2
User Level , ,
Intended Use Day touring, Recreation
Water type , ,
Warranty 3 years from date of purchase
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