Eddyline Sky 10

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Eddyline Sky 10 is a recreational kayak with some features found only in full-blown sea kayaks. Easy to handle, stable, and good-looking, it is also fast and maneuverable. The Sky 10 is a great beginner boat for those who want to grow into the sport.


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Eddyline Sky 10 is a recreational kayak with some features found only in full-blown sea kayaks. Easy to handle, stable, and good-looking, it is also fast and maneuverable. The Sky 10 is a great beginner boat for those who want to grow into the sport.
  • Lightweight
  • Safe
  • Dry storage
  • Great performer
  • Looks awesome
  • Expensive
  • Limited capacity
  • Not as fast as its longer siblings

Size and Weight

Eddyline Sky 10 is a 10-ft (305 cm) kayak with a 26-inch (66 cm) beam and a 13-inch (33 cm) high deck. Weighing in at an amazing 32 lb (14.5 kg), it is a breeze to handle, cartop, and carry to the water.

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The total capacity is 250 lb (113.4 kg), so this boat is geared towards smaller paddlers and children but can still support an average-sized adult if you go light.


Despite being a short recreational kayak, Eddyline Sky 10 packs some features normally found in sea kayaks.

Most importantly, you get two bulkheads, both on the bow and the stern. This is a massive safety feature (the kayak won’t sink no matter what), and it also provides ample dry storage if you decide to go kayak camping, for example.

You also get a large cockpit that is easy to get in and out of, adjustable footrests, and a very comfortable seat that will allow you to be on the water longer without getting tired.

Other features include comfortable thigh pads (or optional thigh braces if you want a tighter fit and more control), bungee deck rigging, splash skirt compatibility, and carrying handles.


Don’t be fooled by its size. Eddyline Sky 10 is a great performer that can surprise you.

It offers great stability, which is important for beginners. It will support you as you learn how to paddle, but it will also let you try more advanced techniques as you progress. Unlike many beginner boats, you won’t outgrow your Sky 10 very quickly.

The Sky 10 is also very maneuverable. This short boat turns on a dime, allowing you to take it to small rivers and tighter places that are not always accessible with longer kayaks.

Eddyline Sky 10 is pretty fast for its length. The sleek, shiny hull ensures excellent glide, allowing you to pick up and maintain speed with minimum effort. You won’t win any races in your Sky 10, but you won’t feel left behind, either.

Construction and Materials

All Eddyline kayaks are made from Eddyline’s proprietary Carbonlite 2000® material. It is a dual-layer sheet of ABS plastic which consists of a load-bearing “muscle” substrate and a very hard, UV- and scratch-resistant exterior layer that gives the kayak its distinctive shine.

Sheets of Carbonlite have different specs depending on the model. To make a kayak, the sheets are heated up and then formed over a mold using vacuum (this technology is known as thermoforming). The top and bottom parts are then glued together, creating a very lightweight but strong construction.


Eddyline kayaks come with a 3-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty is limited to the original buyer of the kayak. You need to register for the warranty by filling out and returning the warranty registration card or by completing this form on Eddyline’s website).

The deck rigging is warranted for 2 years.

To know more about Eddyline’s warranty terms, click here: https://eddyline.com/technology-innovation/faq

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Talking ultralight kayaks for under $1000. The two kayaks shown are the Eddyline Sky 10 and the Hurricane Santee 116

Eddyline Sky 10

The Sky 10 kayak came into existence due to the popularity of eddyline's well-liked Skylark and the ever-increasing demand for smaller, lighter boats.

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An overview of the options available for the Eddyline Sky 10. The Yellow model is by far the most popular.

Additional information

Specification: Eddyline Sky 10

Length (in) 120
Width (in) 26
Height (in) 13
Weight (lb) 32
Load Capacity (lb) 250
Cockpit length (in) 35
Cockpit width (in) 18.5
Cockpit type
Hull design Shallow V hull
Material ABS plastic
Propulsion paddle
Seat Padded Infinity seat with adjustable backrest
Front bulkhead Yes
Rear bulkhead Yes
Front storage hatch 1
Rear storage hatch 1
Dry storage 2
Bungee cords 2
Footrests adjustable
Knee pads Yes
Spray skirt compatible Yes
Crew 1
User Level , ,
Intended Use Day touring, Recreation
Water type ,
Warranty 3 years from date of purchase

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