3 Waters Kayaks in 2023: Model Lineup and Reviews

Fishing kayaks by 3 Waters are known for excellent stability and comfort. What does 3 Waters Kayaks has to offer in 2023? Let’s look at the company’s full model lineup.

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Comparison Table: 3 Waters Kayaks

ModelSpecsWhere to Buy
Big Fish 103
Big Fish 103
Size: 10’6″ x 35″
Weight: 110 lb
Capacity: 397 lb
Eco Fishing Shop
3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 105
Big Fish 105
Size: 10’6″ x 33.5″
Weight: 89 lb
Capacity: 380 lb
Eco Fishing Shop
Big Fish 108
Big Fish 108
Size: 11′ x 38″
Weight: 135 lb
Capacity: 450 lb
Eco Fishing Shop
Big Fish 120
Big Fish 120
Size: 12′ x 36″
Weight: 100 lb
Capacity: 400 lb
Eco Fishing Shop
3 Waters Kayaks T42
Size: 13’5″ x 34″
Weight: 96 lb
Capacity: 660 lb
3 Waters Kayaks
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3 Waters Big Fish 103

Big Fish 103

Length: 10’6” (320 cm)
Width: 35” (88.9 cm)
Weight: 110 lb (49.9 kg)
Capacity: 397 lb (180 kg)

3 Waters Big Fish 103 is the latest addition to the company’s fleet of pedal-powered fishing kayaks. If you love the space and rock-solid stability of the Big Fish 108 but want a more compact package that is easier to handle off the water, 3 Waters Big Fish 103 is an easy choice.

3 Waters Big Fish 105

Big Fish 105

Length: 10’6” (320 cm)
Width: 33.5” (85.1 cm)
Weight: 89 lb (40.3 kg)
Capacity: 380 lb (172.1 kg)

3 Waters Big Fish 105 is a smaller version of the Big Fish 120, but it packs in plenty of value for its compact size. This kayak features excellent stability, a highly-adjustable seat and can be fitted with a variety of accessories. It is a great option for the serious angler looking for a smaller ride.

3 Waters Big Fish 108

Big Fish 108

Length: 11’ (335 cm)
Width: 38” (96.5 cm)
Weight: 135 lb (61.2 kg)
Capacity: 450 lb (204.1 kg)

The Big Fish 108 certainly lives up to its “big” namesake when compared to other pedal kayaks. It has plenty of room for both seated and standing positions. Thanks to the cathedral tri-hull design, The Big Fish 108 has the same reputation for outstanding stability as other kayaks from 3 Waters.

3 Waters Big Fish 120

Big Fish 120

Length: 12’ (365.7 cm)
Width: 36” (91.4 cm)
Weight: 100 lb (45.36 kg)
Capacity: 400 lb (181.4 kg)

Serious anglers in search of a stable kayak that packs in all the great features, rejoice! The Big Fish 120 is your answer. This kayak is a full-sized ride and offers everything there is to love about 3 Waters Kayaks. The Big Fish 120 is all about stability, even for the largest of kayak anglers. Thanks to a reinforced standing platform, the tri-hull design and an exceptionally comfortable, adjustable seat, this vessel is the ultimate fishing platform. But the 120’s most attractive feature is probably the price tag, which is considerably lower than that of other full-sized fishing kayaks with comparable features.

3 Waters T42


Length: 13’5” (411.5 cm)
Width: 34” (86.3 cm)
Weight: 96 lb (43.5 kg)
Capacity: 660 lb (299.3 kg)

The new 3 Waters T42 is a recreational tandem offering a spacious layout and maximum stability without sacrificing maneuverability. The T42 may be big, but the added rocker provides a level of responsiveness you don’t see in other recreational tandems. Outfitted with our new Premium Seats, the simple deck layout provides comfort for two paddlers, along with the option for a third (small adult, child, dog) in the middle seating area. Two points of dry storage are located in front of each seat. Bow and stern open storage is available for camping excursions. The molded foot placements will give you the support you need for long summer days.

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