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NuCanoe F10

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The NuCanoe F10 is a 10-foot fishing kayak that can carry up to 500 lbs and is compatible with a pedal drive, trolling motors and even small gas outboard motors. It features a clean open deck and a seat that rotates 360 degrees. Comfortable, agile, and stable, this kayak is a solid throw-and-go option for lakes, ponds, or rivers.

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June 6, 2024 8:17 pm
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Size and Weight

At only 10’ (304.8 cm), the F10 is NuCanoe’s shortest and lightest fishing kayak. However, due to its impressive 39” (99 cm) width, it offers more cockpit room and better stability than most kayaks in its class.

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The F10 tips the scales at just 62 lbs (28.1 kg), which makes it a great ‘throw-and-go’ kayak. You should have no problem loading this boat into a pickup truck or even car-topping it on your own.

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NuCanoe F10 generalPicture: Brandon Stout


One of the most interesting features of the NuCanoe F10 is the overall weight capacity of 500 lbs (226.7 kg). You don’t often see a 10-foot kayak that can hold almost a quarter of a ton! The only other model that comes to mind is Titan Propel 10.5 which can carry up to 525 lbs.

This capacity makes Nucanoe F10 a great option for big guys and gals out there looking for a compact and lightweight fishing kayak.

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When you look at the NuCanoe F10, the first thing you notice is its unusual seat. The Fusion seat rotates a full 360 degrees so you can face in any direction without having to move your kayak.

NuCanoe F10 seatPicture: Brandon Stout

You can also move the seat fore and aft on a pair of 60-inch long gear tracks to find the best sitting position and weight distribution.

The seat does not have high and low positions. It sits pretty high above the deck, which can cause some drift in windy conditions. On the other hand, it is super easy to stand up from and sit back on, which is great for sight fishing or fly fishing.

The bow is fitted with rod tip protectors and a large storage hatch that will keep your gear dry and secure. The bow also offers two universal mount docks.

NuCanoe F10 Hatch

The NuCanoe F10 offers a very spacious deck for such a compact kayak. You can stand up on the deck without having to step around any consoles or hatches in the middle. The clean standing space is ideal for fly fishing as you can strip the line without the risk of it getting snagged on something.

NuCanoe F10 deckPicture: Brandon Stout

The NuCanoe F10 is fitted with 60 inches of Freedom gear tracks on either side of the cockpit. Apart from holding the seat, the gear tracks let you mount rod holders, electronics, camera gear and anything else in the exact spot you want.

NuCanoe F10 footPicture: Brandon Stout

The stern is squared off and serves as a transom for a trolling motor, a small gas outboard motor, or a shallow-water anchor.

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Like all Nucanoe models, the F10 is also compatible with bow-mounted trolling motors, giving you unparalleled versatility.

F10 trolling motorPicture: Brandon Stout

Last but not least, you can add the NuCanoe PIVOT pedal drive system to transform this kayak into a pedal-propelled fishing platform.

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NuCanoe F10 Pivot

Other features include traction pads on the deck, two molded-in cup holders, a paddle holder on the left gunwale, anchor hardware, and two more Freedom gear tracks on the stern.

One of the few drawbacks that the NuCanoe F10 has is the lack of space on the stern. The squared stern design limits the space and forces users to choose between having a crate or cooler behind them. However, you can always move the seat forward and get more space in the rear if you’re willing to give up some deck space in the front.

NuCanoe F10 sternPicture: Brandon Stout


The NuCanoe F10’s short waterline makes this boat very maneuverable on the water. It’s very easy to paddle and turn, but don’t expect much in the way of speed.

The short and wide hull limits the kayak’s ability to pick up and maintain speed. However, you can remove the speed and range limitations by installing a motor or the PIVOT pedal system.

When it comes to stability, the NuCanoe F10 once again stands out from the competition. You will have no problem standing up and casting in any direction while enjoying very stable footing.

NuCanoe F10 fishing kayak - Setup with bow mount trolling motor

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The NuCanoe F10 - Compact Size. Unlimited Potential.

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