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Slightly longer and wider than the original Coosa, the Coosa HD is ready for almost any fish on almost any water. While still good for rivers, it also performs better on flat waters. Upgrades from the Coosa include hinged hatch covers, rod tip protectors, Power-Pole compatibility, and more.

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Jackson Coosa HD is an upgrade to the original Coosa in an attempt to give it more stability and better tracking on not just rivers but also flat water like lakes and inshore saltwater. This kayak is a little longer, wider, and heavier while also packing some features that the original Coosa did not have.

Size and Weight

Jackson Coosa HD is 12’6″ (381 cm) long and 34″ (86 cm) wide. That’s 1’4″ (46 cm) longer and 2″ (5 cm) wider than the original Coosa. Coosa HD is also a bit heavier: 78 lbs (35.4 kg) vs. 65 lbs (29.5 kg) without the seat.

The weight capacity is also considerably higher. Jackson Coosa HD can carry up to 425 lbs (192.8 kg) while Coosa is rated for 350 lbs (158.8 kg). That is a 75 lbs (34 kg) difference, so if you’re a heavier person or if you pack a lot of gear, definitely take a closer look at the Coosa HD. Remember it’s always a good idea to stay within 80 percent of the kayak’s max capacity (which means around 340 lbs (155 kg) for Coosa HD) to get a drier ride and the best performance.


Jackson Coosa HD comes pretty packed with features.

On the bow, you get two molded rod butt protectors right next to the front handle. These are handy when you need to untangle your line or lure. Next, there are two bolted-on rod tip protectors, a really cool feature that sadly is missing on the original Coosa. The front and rear hatches are now hinged and the bungee cord on the bow was replaced with a Hypalon paddle park, so there are fewer chances to snag your hooks.

The central console was also updated and now has a ton of space for a fish finder battery. Better yet, you can easily remove it and get more deck space. Speaking of fish finders, there is also an oversized transducer scupper compatible with the newer, larger transducers.

Gone are the ribs on the floor that some people did not like on the original Coosa. The standing area is now padded with two layers of foam material to improve traction and dampen the noise. The footrests are fully adjustable and rubber-coated for extra comfort.

A much-welcomed addition, Jackson Coosa HD now features five gear tracks (the Coosa did not have any) and even comes with a YakAttack Omega Rod Holder and a track-mounted Orion Cooler Tumbler.

Other upgrades include PowerPole shallow-water anchor compatibility, a Therm-A-Rest lumbar support pad, bungee-secured rod stagers, and new heavy-duty buckles that keep the seat locked in position. The seat moves fore and aft in two high and three low positions. This helps you trim the boat for optimal weight distribution.


The original Coosa is a river fishing kayak optimized for moving water. It is very agile, but it’s probably not the best choice if you need to cover large distances and you want the best tracking.

Jackson Coosa HD still does great on rivers but is more versatile. The larger, longer hull offers better tracking and additional stability in rough conditions. The seat moves fore and aft, so you can lower the nose if you need better tracking or raise it if you want more maneuverability.

With a 34″ beam, the Coosa HD is not a racing boat by any means. However, it is easy to paddle and will get you to your fishing spot without wearing you out.

Construction and Materials

Like all Jackson’s boats, Jackson Coosa HD is made from High-Density Polyethylene using the rotational molding technology. Beads of polyethylene are poured into the mold, the mold is heated up and slowly rotated so that the material fills up every nook and cranny. After the mold cools down you get a one-piece construction that is extremely rugged and durable. Rotomolded kayaks are very durable and require minimal maintenance.


All Jackson kayaks bought in 2020 and after come with a 5-year limited warranty for the hull and components made by Jackson. For full Jackson’s warranty terms, see Jackson’s website at https://www.jacksonadventures.com/warranty/

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Big lakes, bays, Slow rivers (Class I-II), Small lakes


Removable padded frame seat with 2 high and 3 low positions (fore and aft) and Molle webbing on the back

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