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Jackson’s Kilroy HD is all about flexibility and customization. With gear tracks that run almost the entire length of the kayak, a high/low frame seat that slides on tracks, removable footrests, and huge storage platforms on bow and stern (with optional bungees), this boat can do almost anything you want. Fish today, hunt tomorrow, go for a recreational paddle – the Kilroy HD is there for you.

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Jackson Kilroy HD is a new sit-inside kayak from Jackson that is all about versatility. This boat is a blank slate that you turn into whatever you want: a fishing machine, a hunting platform, or just a recreational kayak that lets you take a kid or a dog with you.

Size and Weight

Jackson Kilroy HD is 12’10” (391 cm) long and 36″ (91.4 cm) wide. That is 6″ (15.2 cm) longer and 4″ (10 cm) wider than the original Jackson Kilroy. Without the seat, the kayak weighs 93 lbs (42.2 kg), so it’s not the easiest boat to cartop or handle alone.

The weight capacity is 450 lbs (204 kg), so you will have plenty of capacity for your fishing or camping gear, a large dog or a kid. Remember to include all of your gear when calculating the total weight. It is also a good idea to stay within 80 percent of the kayak’s capacity rating (which means 360 lbs or 163 kg for Kilroy HD) for a safer ride and better performance.


Let’s walk through Jackson Kilroy HD’s features bow to stern.

On the bow, there is a molded carry handle which is durable, snag-free, and also serves as an attachment point when strapping the kayak to your vehicle. Next, there is a Hypalon paddle park where you can quickly stage your paddle.

The front deck features a padded storage platform. Gear tracks run on both sides of the platform, and clever little slots under the tracks let you thread a strap or a bungee cord to secure whatever you put on the storage platform.

On the rim of the cockpit, Jackson added several molded rod stagers. Just drop a rod there and it stays in place. There are also multiple tether points for tools or other items.

The bow and stern of the kayak are open, so you can store a lot of gear inside the hull. However, there are no bulkheads, which means no dry storage and, more importantly, the boat can sink if swamped. As with any sit-inside kayaks that have no sealed bulkheads, we recommend getting a pair of float bags or at least stuffing some air-filled dry bags inside the hull for extra buoyancy.

Moving back, the first thing you notice is gear tracks that run the entire length of the cockpit – two on the gunnels and one on the floor. You get tons of customization opportunities here without ever having to drill into the hull.

Everything in Jackson Kilroy HD is modular. Both the footrest and the seat platform slide on a track and are adjustable. You can easily remove both and get a huge open space (pop in a cooler so that you have something to sit on). The standing area is padded for better traction and less noise.

On each side, there are two rod stagers with tip protector tubes. We like this solution a lot because the rods are staged securely and out of the way. Also on each side, there are molded paddle holders. Unfortunately, there are no bungees or anything to keep them in place, so they do not feel too safe. Track-mounted paddle holders like YakAttack Rotogrip can be a more secure option, but be aware that the paddle will block the entire gear track on one side of the boat. If you don’t mind drilling into the hull, a pair of simple bungee paddle holders (like these on Amazon) can solve the problem as well.

On the rear side of the cockpit, there are some more rod staging indents. The stern platform is smaller than the one on the bow but is also padded and has gear tracks on both sides. Jackson Kilroy HD is also PowerPole ready and has a skid plate on the keel for stress-free dragging.


Jackson Kilroy HD has a very comfortable Hi Lo Ergo Seat. It is made from a breathable and snag-free material which is more hook-friendly. The seat has been placed higher for more comfortable fishing. The whole seat platform slides on a gear track so you can easily trim the boat for optimal weight distribution. Better yet, you can remove the seat and even the entire seat platform in a matter of seconds. You can also install a second seat and take a kid with you (just make sure you stay within the weight limits).

On the back of the seat, there’s some Molle webbing. Jackson Kilroy HD comes with a seatback pouch for small items or Plano tackle boxes.


All Jackson kayaks bought in 2020 and after come with a 5-year limited warranty for the hull and components made by Jackson. For full Jackson’s warranty terms, see Jackson’s website at https://www.jacksonadventures.com/warranty/

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Specification: Jackson Kilroy HD

Weight (lb)


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Cockpit type

sit inside







User Level

Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate

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Water type

Big lakes, bays, Slow rivers (Class I-II), Small lakes


Removable padded frame seat with high-low positions that slides fore and aft on tracks

Rod holders




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