Jackson Big Rig FD

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Jackson Big Rig is Jackson’s biggest kayak. Its rock-solid stability and huge storage space have won a lot of hearts over the years. Jackson Big Rig FD has become even better by adding Jackson’s Flex Drive pedal propulsion system.

Jackson Big Rig FD Prices

Price History

Price history for Jackson Kayak Big Rig FD Kayak 2019
Latest updates:
  • $3,499.00 - February 24, 2021
  • $2,799.95 - January 27, 2021
Since: January 27, 2021
  • Highest Price: $3,499.00 - February 24, 2021
  • Lowest Price: $2,799.95 - January 27, 2021


Love stability, a lot of space, and a pedal drive? Don’t mind the extra weight? Jackson Big Rig FD is the boat for you.

Size and Weight

Jackson Big Rig FD is 13’3″ long with a 40″ beam and a 16″ deck height. This cruise ship of a kayak weighs 125 lbs without the seat and the pedal drive. Fully outrigged, it tips the scale at 145 lbs. You definitely need to think about how you’re going to transport and handle this big boy (a kayak trailer and a kayak cart). The weight capacity is a respectable 550 lbs, which should be enough for just about anybody and a ton of gear.

Construction and Materials

Like all Jackson kayaks, Jackson Big Rig FD is rotomolded from high-density polyethylene. The technology involves pouring beads of the material into a mold that is heated and slowly rotated until the plastic covers everything from the inside. When the mold is opened, you get a one-piece hull that can take a beating and needs very little maintenance.


Jackson Big Rig FD has all the best features that Jackson offers. You get two oversized hatches, on the bow and on the stern, that provide access to the in-hull storage space. You get a Hypalon paddle park. There are molded-in rod tip protectors and two-tiered rod stagers that take 9′ long rods. You also get a ton of gear tracks all over the boat, a thumb-controlled rudder, and Power Pole compatibility.

The seat is super-comfortable, with hi-low positions and fore and aft adjustability. The high position is higher than usual for easier pedaling. There’s also Molle webbing on the back to attach compatible pouches and bags.

The pedal drive unit is cleverly moved to the front so that you still have a flat standing deck. The propeller pops up to avoid underwater obstacles. You can also clean it easily right from the seating position. If pedaling is not your thing, the whole unit can be replaced with an electric E-Drive motor.

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All Jackson kayaks bought in 2020 and after come with a 5-year limited warranty for the hull and components made by Jackson. For full Jackson’s warranty terms, see Jackson’s website at https://www.jacksonadventures.com/warranty/

Additional information

Specification: Jackson Big Rig FD

Length (in) 159
Width (in) 40
Weight (lb) 145
Load Capacity (lb) 550
Cockpit type sit on top
Material High-density polyethylene
Propulsion pedal
Technology rotomolded
Seat Padded frame seat with high-low positions that moves back and forth.
Rear storage hatch 1
Gear mounts 5 YakAttack tracks
Other features 4 rod tip protectors Pedal drive module is interchangeable with the electric drive module or traditional (paddle) pod. Transducer scupper is compatible with larger transducers
Paddle holders 2
Rod holders 7
Crew 1
User Level Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Intended Use Fishing
Water type Big lakes, bays, Slow rivers (Class I-II), Small lakes

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