Perception Prodigy XS

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The Prodigy XS is designed as a perfect fit for kids and adults of smaller stature. It integrates all of the features of the fully-sized Prodigy model with some more safety components added to the kayak. It excels in performance and stability while being affordable for beginners interested in taking up kayaking as a hobby.



It is essential to find a kayak that fits your shape and size in order to have a great experience paddling on the water. If you are around 5’2″ and weigh less than 150 lbs, or you have children who are eager to come along for a ride, then the Perception Prodigy XS is the right choice. It is a low-cost sit-inside kayak that’s playful and safe on the water. Perception built this kayak with love and care to enable your little ones to grow together with their paddling ability.

Size and Weight

Although it is intended for children, the Perception Prodigy XS has fairly standard dimensions. It is 10′ (305 cm) long, 18′ (46cm) wide, has 10.5″ (26 cm) deck height and 23″ (58 cm) width. Its construction and design are optimized to be exceptionally light. Weighing merely 26 lbs (12 kg), if you don’t have a big garage at home, you can easily mount it onto a wall for storage or cartop it for transportation.

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In accordance with its function, the Perception Prodigy XS has a rather limited weight capacity of 150 lbs (68 kg). It doesn’t provide much storage because Perception built it for paddling, speed, and maneuverability.

To get a better idea of why this is one of the most adapted kayaks for kids, you can compare the dimensions and weight with another kid-friendly boat on the market, the Perception Rambler 9.5.


Perception makes their kayaks from a proprietary High-Density Polyethylene material using the company-specific, one-piece rotational molding technology. The process involves pouring beads of polyethylene into the mold, which gets heated up and slowly rotated so that the material fills up every nook and cranny. After the mold cools down, you get a one-piece, leak-proof construction that is extremely rugged and durable.


The Prodigy XS features one corded carrying handle at the bow and another in between the seat and stern. It comes with bungees in front of the cockpit where you can take some light gear packed in a dry bag.

The easy-to-enter cockpit has dimensions of (LxW): 28″ (71 cm) x 18″ (46 cm), and it includes flotation foam as a safety feature for improved buoyancy. The foam is positioned in the middle, allowing the legs to stretch and accommodate the paddler’s size onto the adjustable set of footrests. It also integrates more comfort-added components such as the leg padding on the side rims and the versatile thickly padded seat. You can regulate the base seat as well as the backrest in order to have maximum lumbar support and sitting for several hours of sporty paddling and fun.

The Prodigy XS also includes a drain plug at the stern.


The extremely low weight of the kayak significantly reduces inertia in the water and provides more fun with less frustration for smaller children.

The Perception Prodigy XS features a rather narrow beam, in terms of length/width ratio, which means the paddler will reach higher speed with fewer paddle strokes. The tracking of the kayak is exceptional due to the pointy bow tip and general spear-shaped line of the vessel.

The Prodigy XS offers superior performance with excellent safety and stability for the young or small-framed paddlers.


Perception kayaks are warranted against material or manufacturing defects in the hull and deck for five years from the date of the original purchase of the kayak. Parts, accessories, and outfitting are warranted for one year.

To learn more about Perception Kayaks’ warranty terms and conditions, click here.

Additional information

Specification: Perception Prodigy XS

Length (in) 120
Length (cm) 305
Width (in) 23
Width (cm) 58
Weight (lb) 26
Weight (kg) 12
Load Capacity (lb)
Load Capacity (kg)
Cockpit type
Material High-density polyethylene
Technology rotomolded
Seat Padded seat with tilt adjustment
Bungee cords 1
Footrests adjustable
Other features Floatation blocks for extra buoyancy
Crew 1
User Level Beginner, Intermediate
Intended Use Recreation
Water type Slow rivers (Class I-II), Small lakes
Warranty 1 year on parts and accessories, 5-year limited warranty on hull and deck
Manufacturer website
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 305 × 58 cm

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