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FeelFree Nomad is a single person kayak that provides some great versatility and comfort. The Nomad is not a huge kayak, which makes it very easy to maneuver in the surf or in a river. The Nomad isn’t specifically built for fishing, but it works quite well as a fishing kayak as well.



Size and Weight

The Nomad is not a large kayak. It measures 9’6” (2.9 m) long and is just under 30” (75 cm) wide. The kayak weighs 46.2 lbs (21 kg), so it won’t be that hard to transport down to the water. You will get the Wheel in the Keel feature to help you get it down there and give your arms a rest when carrying the Nomad.


The Nomad is an adult size kayak, and it fits a full-size adult without any trouble. However, since it is not all that heavy and not very large, it works well for an older kid as well. The capacity on the Nomad is 330lbs (149.6kg).


Many of the FeelFree Kayaks have molded-in handles that make them easy to carry and hold on to while walking. If you need to put the kayak down the wheel in the keel will give you a nice smooth ride down to the water or back to the car.

The Nomad comes with a deluxe seat that can make a long day out on the water a lot more comfortable. We love the fact that this is a big enough kayak that a paddling adult could have a small child on board while using it.

There is a rubber hatch to help you keep a few things on board with you, and it is relatively large in size. The Nomad also comes with a drinking bottle holder so you can stay hydrated when out to sea.

The FeelFree Nomad has a very nice molded-in paddle park when you need to put the paddle down for a short period. You also have the option for two fishing rod holders if you are looking for a fishing kayak to add to your arsenal.

Overall this kayak has all the features you need to go out in some light ocean chop or spend a day in a river.


The Nomad is a lightweight kayak, so you have to assume there will be some performance impacts because of this. The Nomad is not a touring kayak if you are looking for something for touring look for a kayak a bit longer.

The Nomad tends to track reasonably well and does best in coastal areas or on light rivers. It is easy to maneuver, so those that are new to kayaking or younger children will enjoy using the kayak. The Nomad has good speed, but it is not incredibly fast.

Overall, the Nomad is stable and should keep you in the kayak as long as you don’t take it out in very rough seas. Users love the versatility of being able to take this boat from fresh to saltwater and have it perform just as well

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Nomad Kayak - Overview

Additional information

Specification: FeelFree Nomad

Length (in) 114
Width (in) 29.3
Weight (lb) 45
Load Capacity (lb) 330
Cockpit type sit on top
Hull design Tri-hull
Material High-density polyethylene
Propulsion paddle
Self-bailing Yes
Technology rotomolded
Seat Cushioned seat pad with adjustable cushioned backrest
Center storage hatch 1
Rear tank well Yes
Bottle holders 1
Bungee cords 1
Footrests molded
Gear mounts 8 recessed eyelets
Other features drain plug, rubber hatch, Wheel in the keel
Paddle holders 2
Crew 1
User Level Beginner, Intermediate
Intended Use Recreation
Water type Slow rivers (Class I-II), Small lakes, Surf
Warranty 3 years on the hull; 1 year on accessories.

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