10 Surprising Health Benefits of Kayak Paddling

Have you wondered what exercises can improve your physical and mental health? Then kayak paddling is your answer. Kayaking lets you immerse with mother nature. It will help you see the world from a different angle. 

Kayaking is a rafting adventure. A peaceful exercise, full of adrenaline rush. It lets you see how beautiful nature is. Furthermore, kayaking is also great for your muscles. An exercise that not only helps therapeutically but physically as well.  

So what’s holding you back? Here are ten surprising health benefits associated with kayaking.  

What is Kayaking?

A kayak is a small watercraft. There are boats for two. The person who sits in front of the boat controls the rhythm and the person sitting behind follows the stroke pattern. Solo kayaking is also fun.

Kayaks are light and compact. For this reason, kayak paddles are placed on both sides. This helps to maintain the balance of the boat, which is the most important part of kayaking.

Here are some health benefits of kayaking:

  1.  Improves Mental Stability

Kayaking three-four times a week can improve your mental health significantly. The basic movements of kayaking are very close to aerobic exercises. Serotonin and dopamine are the chemicals responsible for maintaining our mental stability. Kayaking ensures the balance of these two chemicals.

If you want to improve your mood and reduce stress, jump on a kayak boat without thinking twice. We suggest reading some best travel quotes before kayaking. It can add some extra juice to your overall confidence. 

  1.  Helps Reducing Weight

If you have been trying to reduce your weight for a long time but couldn’t find a better program, the wait is over now. Kayaking is an excellent exercise for controlling weight.

You can lose about five hundred calories if you kayak for one hour. But keep your kayaking speed around four-five miles per hour. An average person can cut around fifteen hundred calories in one go.

  1.  Is a Stress Reliever

The twenty-first century has offered us nothing but bags full of stress. A routined lifestyle can suck out your mojo which increases your stress. Kayaking is known as a great stress reliever.

The sound of water, smell of algae, color of the sky, and birds chirping can relieve your stress significantly. Lake and river kayaking is an effective therapeutic method. You can find a lot of good kayaking spots with a vibrant natural environment.

  1.  Keeps the Heart Healthy

If most of your daily activities occur sitting in front of a table, kayaking should be your go-to sport. Sitting for a long time is bad for your heart. According to medical experts, a healthy human should spend at least one hour on moderate exercise.

Kayaking movements have uncanny similarities with aerobic exercises. Your heart starts to pump hard because of the rhythmic moves and breathing technique. The heart itself is a piece of muscle that needs exercise. Kayaking is a fantastic activity to improve and maintain a healthy heart.

  1.  Strengthens Upper Body Muscles

While paddling, you stress your chest, back, shoulder, bicep, tricep, and forearm muscles. These are known as upper body muscles. 

Regular kayaking will improve your upper body muscles. Your muscle mass will increase. Ligaments and tendons can become strong as well. Not only will you start looking good, but overall confidence will improve together.   

  1.  Works Core Muscles

Paddling a kayak boat can improve your abdominal and lower back muscles surprisingly. The balance required for kayaking generates huge stress on core muscles. 

You will feel the burn with each stroke you throw while paddling. Jump for kayaking if you want to reduce your back pain.  

  1.  Increases Stamina

Kayaking is an effective exercise for increasing your stamina. It can reduce your muscle fatigue. The way you breathe while kayaking can increase your lung capacity as well. 

The fresh air on lakes and river spots also benefits your lungs. Spending a couple of hours in nature can be a great escape from the robotic city life.   

  1.  Improves Leg Muscles 

While rowing, you push against the foot holder with your legs. Kayaking regularly can improve your hamstring and calf muscles. Who does not want toned legs? You do, too, and so as other people. 

Kayaking is an effective exercise if you have undergone knee or ankle surgery. It rehabilitates the lower joints by keeping the blood flow systematic. 

  1.  Enhances the Quality of Sleep

You don’t sleep well if you regularly turn and toss on your bed at night. Kayaking can gas you out very fast. Paddling can stress every muscle group. Burning your energy will tire your body. The less energy you have, the faster you will fall asleep. 

A night of good long sleep will make you more energetic for the next day. You will be more likely to go for a longer session of kayaking. 

  1.  Excellent Source of Vitamin D

Food is our main source of vitamin D. However; it has some drawbacks. The method itself is complicated for our bodies. Fortunately, spending a healthy amount of time kayaking under the sun can be a great source of vitamin D. Our skin absorbs it directly. 

Vitamin D is essential for our bones, immune system, and brain development. It helps maintain muscle functions.   

Things You Need For Kayaking

Before you head out, keeping proper equipment for your aquatic adventure is important. The right gear can help you escape from unforeseen events. Get these items before kayaking.


Kayak paddling is a beneficial exercise and a great sport. It strengthens almost all muscle groups. You can get rid of stress and a bad mood with hour-long kayaking. Equipment is a bit expensive, but take it as an investment for your physical and mental health.  

So, what are you waiting for? Nature is calling you. Best of luck and Godspeed. 

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