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A cutting edge day tourer, the Liquidlogic Inuit is capable of covering long distances and carrying enormous amounts of kit, all while keeping you comfortable in the quick drying Airstream seating, possibly the most comfortable and supportive seating system on the market.

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A cutting edge day tourer, the Liquidlogic Inuit is capable of covering long distances and carrying enormous amounts of kit, all while keeping you comfortable in the quick drying Airstream seating, possibly the most comfortable and supportive seating system on the market.
  • Really stable touring kayak which tracks well and carries speed.
  • Very accessible and progressive, ideal for paddlers of all levels.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Slightly on the heavier end of things.
  • Potentially confusing weight ranges on the different models.

Size, weight, capacity

The Inuit range comes in three different sizes with 1’ increments between them. Unusually, the maximum capacity for these kayaks does not follow the standard lineage of more length equating to more size, so be sure to understand all the specifications before you make your selection.

The Inuit 12.5 is the shortest in the range, at 12’6” in length. In order to maximise capacity, this boat has been made extremely wide, 26” (66cm) to be exact, and 13.5” deep. This means that the maximum capacity for this boat is an enormous 325lbs (147kg) and to allow larger paddlers to access it, it has the same large cockpit as the 14.5. The 12.5 weighs 55lbs (25kg). Arguably these dimensions tip this smaller model towards recreational, rather than true touring, however it’s still a very capable day tripper.

In the middle of the range is the 13.5. At 13.6” (441cm) long and 23.5” (60cm) wide, this is a boat with ideal dimensions for covering long distances and carrying speed. Maximum capacity for this model is 275lbs (124kg) and it also has a slightly smaller cockpit and ¾” lower profile than the other two models. The 13.5 weighs 55lbs (25kg).

At the long end of the Inuit series is the 14.5, measuring 14’6” (445cm) and sitting at 24.5” (62cm) wide. This boat has the same, higher profile as the 12.5 and the same slightly larger cockpit, but a slightly larger capacity at 350lbs (158kg). This boat weighs slightly more than the others at 61lbs (28kg).


Now that we’ve got our heads around the confusing weight ranges of these boats, we can focus on what it is that makes them so good at touring. Firstly, the long waterline and defined v-shape makes these boats track extremely well, while a flatter midsection and defined chines give the boat enormous amounts of stability, especially in the particularly wide 12.5.

The Airstream seating system is incredibly comfortable and the adjustable backrest makes it a highly supportive system, perfect for long days on the water. The mesh design of the backrest also allows your body to breathe and reduces sweating and irritation on long days.

At either end of the boat there is a large, watertight hatch for storing equipment, and the 13.5 and 14.5 models have another, smaller hatch just behind the cockpit as well.

Deck lines and bungee give even more storage for items you need access to on the water. Molded carrying handles at the bow and stern retract on bungees to keep them clear of the water and reduce their impact on the boat.


The Inuit is gaining all sorts of fans in the touring world, whether couples after their first kayaks or guiding companies looking for a stable boat which can cover long distances in a day. The seating system is extremely comfortable and this boat can easily be paddled all day long, while the enormous amounts of storage space make it perfect for an overnight trip too.

The elongated waterline means the Inuit carries speed and accelerates well and the clearly defined v-shape at the bow keeps the boat tracking and cutting through waves, even in choppy conditions.

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Additional information

Specification: Liquidlogic Inuit 13.5

Length (in)


Width (in)


Weight (lb)


Load Capacity (lb)


Cockpit type

sit inside







User Level

Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate

Intended Use

Day touring, Recreation

Water type

Big lakes, bays, Slow rivers (Class I-II), Small lakes


Airsteam padded seating + adjustable backrest

Rear storage hatch


Dry storage


Thigh braces


Spray skirt compatible



Limited lifetime warranty

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 441 × 60 cm

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  1. Thea

    I love this boat. Well made, aesthetically pleasing. Very stable for a fairly narrrow boat. Probably best for small to average size people. As a fat person, this boat is very comfortable and works great for me, but getting in and out is a b*tch. It’s probably even worse if you have long legs.

    + PROS: Lots of storage space in the hatches, comfortable seat, fast, and good tracking, while still feeling maneuverable.
    - CONS: Tiny cockpit. Tiny. It's comfortable once you're in, but getting in and out in anything less than ideal conditions can be dicey.
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