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NRS Chinook is the world’s best selling angling PFD, and it’s easy to see why. A high back design is usually favored for kayak fishing, where the top end kayaks have highly evolved, supportive and comfortable seats. The mesh back is great for long days on the water too, not only allowing you to stay cool as you fish, but maximizing movement for both paddling and fishing.
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Ever been fishing and forgotten which pocket you’ve put your pliers in? Or where your phone is this time? With the Sturgeon, Astral have solved your problems by consolidating five pockets into one enormous clamshell style pocket. This might sound confusing, but when the pocket itself can be used as a shelf, and with the level of internal organisation that Astral have included, it’s easy to find anything you need.
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The front of this PFD might look remarkably like NRS Chinook, but the Raku is the only NRS fishing PFD which has a full back. This allows the entire PFD to be made from slimmer foam, making it less bulky, more close fitting and figure hugging.
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Stohlquist Keeper PFD utilizes the same high quality construction and comfort as Stohlquist’s recreational and touring PFDs, but with the additions of fishing specific features. This is an excellent, year round fishing vest.
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