White Duck Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

The White Duck Avalon Canvas Bell Tent is a 13’, spacious 4-season camping tent made with the finest premium breathable material. It is 100% cotton with a heat-resistant stove jack and comes in four sizes to fit any group. 

Comfort and Space

White Duck Avalon Canvas Bell Tent pitched in the woods

The White Duck Avalon comes in four sizes to fit from 6 to 12 people. The smallest size is 13 ft / 4 m while the largest size is 23 ft / 7 m

With the peak interior height starting at 8′ 2″ / 2.5 m, there’s plenty of headroom. However, like all bell tents, the sloping 3′ / 1 m walls of this one sacrifice some shoulder room around the edges. 

Bell-shaped tents are easy to assemble and are very spacious, which allows lots of room for gear and baggage. The type of fabric used to make this type of tent is very durable and waterproof making it much easier to take out while camping. Most bell tents, like this one, are made with an included stove jack, which will prove invaluable for comfortable winter camping. 

However, bell tents often don’t have partitions or separators. It is one big living space and can’t offer multiple people some semblance of privacy. 

Whiteduck Avalon Canvas Bell Tent features

An awning is given as an option to purchase along with your tent to have it act as a vestibule. Inner blackout tents are also given as an option of additional purchase for extra protection against the cold and complete restriction of light entering the tent.

Breathability and Ventilation

A woman and a girl sit in camping chairs outside the Whiteduck Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

There are 10 floor vents in the smallest tent along with 4 roof vents to keep the air flowing. The two windows and large doors have a canvas cover that you can roll up to increase ventilation on hot nights while the mesh continues to keep the creepy crawlies out. 

The Avalon uses White Duck’s patented weightless WR treatment to maintain the breathability of the 100% cotton canvas, so this tent will do nicely in warmer weather. 

Weather Resistance

The White Duck Avalon Canvas Bell Tent is made of weatherproof DYNADUCK pro canvas, which guarantees resistance against any type of weather. The Avalon holds up well even in flying snow and sleet, but a separate windbreaker can also be purchased for extra protection in case of a worse storm.

This is a high-quality tent that will withstand rains, winds, and snow, even in sub-zero temperatures if you have a stove and heater set up. 


This quality 100% cotton canvas tent has double-layered doors and windows with heavy-duty top-grade zippers that will cause no problems while zipping and unzipping. Roof vents are made with mesh to keep insects out but allow a breeze to flow through. With such great quality fabric used, this bell tent is proven to outlast a nylon one by two or more decades!

Whiteduck Avalon Canvas Bell Tent features

Galvanized 25mm steel poles are used for enhanced durability and optimal strength. Many reviewers have lived in the tent throughout winter storms and heavy winds and remarked how sturdy it felt. 

Ease of Use

The setup procedure is to the point but because it is heavy, more than one person should do the set up. It may take way longer if you are doing it alone.

  • Firstly, lay out the tarp on the ground and then open and place the tent on top of it. 
  • Keep it in place using 3 of the 12 groundsheet pegs that come along with the tent. 
  • After the pins are all pressed down in place, the center pole is to be placed within the center cone and lifted upwards so that you have a base to work around. 
  • Assemble and fix the A-shape door pole and place it into the eyelet at the top of the door and place the feet in the floor pockets. 
  • Put the rain cap on. 
  • Once done, start tying the guy lines into the tent using slipknots then begin staking the guy line ropes using the remaining pegs. 
  • While staking the pegs, insert the wooden wall posts and pull the guy line ropes as tight as you can while inserting the pegs. 
  • Continue this process until all the guy line posts are pegged into place and wooden wall posts are placed inserted. 
  • Make sure guy lines are tight. You can unzip and roll up the sides if the weather is warm for extra breeze. 
  • The sides are double layered with a layer of mesh to prevent insects from entering the tent. This mesh screen can also be unzipped and rolled up for extra nature exposure.
  • You can roll up the stove jack exit with a cord or hose access on the side of the tent.

It is easy to figure out which pole goes where due to the sizing and shapes of the poles. The center pole is the longest and the doorframe pole attaches two poles and forms a curve at the top.  The bell tent has an internal frame so you can pitch the tent without the rainfly and enjoy fresh air on a hot night.

Packed Size And Weight

The weight of the smallest tent is 77 pounds / 35 kg. The item package dimensions are 45 x 14 x 12 inches / 114 x 35 x 30 cm. 

Even a strong person will have difficulty handling the smallest size, much less the largest sizes, so be sure to get help to transport the tent. The tent is well-packed and easy to transport in a vehicle, but this thick, durable tent sure weighs a fair bit! 

Pros and Cons


  • Very spacious
  • Great quality fabric 
  • Stove jack exits are provided
  • Well-ventilated with plenty of windows
  • 4 roof vents are present
  • Stable even during a windstorm or heavy rain
  • Reliably waterproof 
  • Sides can be rolled up in hot weather
  • Can be easily set up within 20 to 30 minutes


  • Very heavy
  • Takes up a large area of space to set up


Comfort and Space10/10
Weather Resistance10/10
Ease of Setup8/10
Size and Weight7/10
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