White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

The White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent series consists of 6 different sizes of 4-season waterproof tents with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and a PVC floor for large groups and families.

Comfort and Space

Interior of the White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

There are six sizes of the White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent, which fits from 4 to 18 persons at a time, depending on what size you have ordered. This review was done testing the smallest size, the 8″ x 10″

The peak height of the smallest-sized Alpha Canvas Wall Tent is 7′ 6″ / 2.28 m while the largest size, 16′ x 24′ / 4.87 x 7.32 m Alpha, Canvas Wall Tent has a peak height of 10′ / 3 m, making it very easy to stand and roam around within the tent, no matter what size you choose to buy. Even the tallest campers will be able to stand up comfortably and move around! 

With walls of 5′ / 1.52 m, there is enough shoulder room to accommodate large groups of people. Wall tents allow for more shoulder space than bell tents as their walls tend to be much more vertical and less sloping. 

The WhiteDuck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent is spacious enough to live in and most importantly, this tent has a built-in stove jack, which will make for comfortable winter camping, even in snow and sub-zero temperatures. 

It consists of one large room space instead of multiple sections, which doesn’t allow for very much privacy but is characteristic of canvas tents. 

There is plenty of room for storage and sleeping space making it great for camping in any season. It may not be a blackout tent but it is thick enough to block out most of the sunlight. A porch can be bought separately and attached to provide some shade outside of the tent and increase the living space. 

Breathability and Ventilation

There are four perfect-sized, 3-layer, large, triangular storm windows; two on each side of the smallest size tent while the largest size tent has six windows, three on each side. These windows have proved durable through storms and are great sources of ventilation. 

White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent with closed doors and windows

In addition to the windows, there is a wide entrance with storm doors and high-quality YKK zippers. All windows as well as the doors have a PVC-dipped mesh layer, which does not tear easily, helps prevent any insects from entering the tent, and allows ventilation at the same time.

Weather Resistance

The high-quality water-repellent material used to create this quality tent has weatherproof, high UV resistant, heavy-duty 16 oz wall skirting, and a free-floating groundsheet. The PFC-free finish is important for protection against water, mold, and UV resistance, hence proving this tent to be rain resistant. 

The water protectant treatment sits between the cotton pores in the canvas, and many reviewers have been impressed with the White Duck Alpha’s ability to withstand heavy rains and snow. 


The tent body is made up of a high-density, tightly woven canvas that has a breathable high performance finish. The 100% cotton canvas has natural UV protection and insulation in all weather conditions, which ensures durability and the long life of the tent.

The zippers are high-quality YKK zippers, which are strong enough to stand up to any type of weather condition and can withstand years of use. 

A polyester UV-resistant dura rope with a proprietary elasticated shock absorber bungee cord system is used to keep the tent in place in heavy windstorms. This will ensure that your tent lasts longer as it won’t rip in the place most tents tend to rip during storms, which is the area where the guy rope is attached. 

The wall tent skirting is made from heavy-duty polyvinyl material to guarantee extra durability and protection during bad weather conditions.

The poles used in the modular frame of this tent are made of aluminum, as they are lighter and much more durable than fiberglass poles. 

Ease of Use

This tent may be heavy and bulky but the way it is packed is a prominent plus point as it makes the set-up process easy. Here is a step-by-step on how to set up the tent:

  • Firstly unpack the tent and the pole bags. 
  • It is always best to lay everything out before beginning to assemble the tent. 
  • With the help of the angle kits provided, assemble the ridgepoles and roof poles to create the frame. 
  • For now, assemble the foot poles on just one size and begin to cover the canvas with the canvas cover over the frame. 
  • Once covered, install the foot poles on the opposite side of the frame and position the canvas cover properly. 
  • Three types of stakes are provided. 
  • Make sure to use them correctly to stake down the tent securely. 
  • Once staked, make sure to adjust the tension of the guy lines and gently tighten them. 
  • The finishing touch is laying the free-floating groundsheet inside the floor of the tent.

The tent can easily be pitched by 2 to 3 people and will then take hardly half an hour total! Using the angle kits, it is very easy to figure out how to assemble the internal frame of the tent.

Packed Size and Weight

The item package dimensions L x W x H are 45″ x 15″ x 10″ / 114 x 38 x 25 cm  while the package weight is 73 lbs / 33 kg

The weight is comparable to White Duck’s other tent with a stove jack, the Avalon, which is 77 lbs / 34.9 kg. The packaging is very organized and secure, making it easy to transport and store in the back of your car or truck.

Pros and Cons 


  • Comes in a neat, organized package 
  • Durable 
  • Easy to set up
  • Spacious enough to walk in
  • 1 to 2 Stove jacks
  • Windows for ventilation
  • Mesh layering in doors and windows
  • UV-protected durable guy lines
  • Cotton material is an excellent insulator 


  • Heavy
  • Requires 2 to 3 people to set up
  • Costly 


Comfort and Space 8.5/10
Weather Resistance 9/10
Durability 8.5/10
Ease of Setup 8/10
Size and Weight 8/10
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