Wenzel Torrey 2-Person Dome Tent

The Torrey 2-Person Dome Tent is a great camping choice for you alone or you and a friend. It is a 3-season tent with 33 square feet of oversized space for you and a companion. It also offers excellent storage with a loft for gear in addition to 2 extra-large pockets.

Comfort and Space

The Wenzel Torrey 2-Person Tent is designed to be lightweight, waterproof, windproof, and versatile. The perfect partner for your camping gear, this tent is big enough for 2.

But this dome is not your typical 2-person tent. This 2-person tent is an oversized model with a floor measuring 7.3′ x 4.5′ (222.5 x 137 cm). It has enough room for two people in sleeping bags or one full-size air mattress. 

A queen size mattress will fit snugly and fill the entire tent floor. This is fine unless it rains. Experienced campers know that if anything is touching the sides of your tent while it is raining, the water tends to seep inside. This can cause a soggy night’s sleep.

If you are a camping party of one, this tent is terrific because of its size, storage area, and weight. When camping alone, this tent will allow for a twin-sized inflatable mattress and plenty of storage for a backpack and survival gear. The peak height is 40” (102 cm), so standing up will not be an option.

Storage is innovative in this oversized dome tent. This tent has two large storage bags along the side walls and a net storage loft at the top of the dome.

Large storage bags along the side walls of Wenzel Torrey 2-Person Dome tent
Net storage loft at the top of Wenzel Torrey 2-Person Dome tent

Breathability and Ventilation

The Torrey two-person tent is not short on personality or aesthetics. The large windows cover most of the back and two side walls. This allows you to see all the views without the pesky bugs and critters. There is a zip-away window located on the zipper D-style door. Three large windows make cross ventilation and allow air to flow through freely.

Wenzel Torrey 2-Person Dome Tent

Its roof is a mesh window screen that allows for a view of the stars in the night sky. When the rain flap is installed, it covers the back and both side windows to protect from rain or falling dew. There is bug netting on all windows and doors.

Weather Resistance

This three-season tent is excellent for mild and moderate weather. The rain fly covers the back and both side windows while still allowing adequate ventilation. 

The tent is protected from the rain with a weather guard water-resistant coating and is constructed of a 600mm polyester taffeta. The difference between budget-to-good tents and superior tents depends on the waterproof coating. Nylon and polyester are not waterproof on their own. 

Wenzel constructed the floor of the tent from durable welded polyethylene. There is a mud mat at the front door to aid in keeping the tent clean, and a fly hoop pole creates an awning over the front door. Water repellency is applied to all of its components. 

Every zipper and seal is coated with Weather Guard waterproof coating to protect from seeping moisture.


Wenzel used innovation to build this tent to stand the test of time.  The fiberglass frame is shock corded to provide stability. We usually recommend aluminum poles over fiberglass because aluminum is lighter and more durable than fiberglass and will last longer.  But if you only camp a few times a year, you may find fiberglass poles to be more than sufficient. 

Nylon is stronger than polyester. But polyester is cheaper, holds up better under UV exposure, and is generally heavier than nylon. Polyester is commonly used for budget tents with a great deal of success. The 68D Polyester Taffeta fabric is designed to protect you against water damage and provide UV protection for the longevity of your tent. 

This tent is perfect for anyone who wants a sturdy and weatherproof tent. The welded polyethylene makes the tent floor extremely strong, while the 68D Polyester Taffeta exterior and 600mm fly material give it a rugged, well-built outdoor look and feel. 

Ease of Use

Get ready for a weekend adventure with this two-person tent from Torrey. With its simple frame system, you will get a stable base for your tent, and setting up this type of build is easy. The Torrey two-person can be erected by one person. It has an external frame system. Two fiberglass shock corded tent poles must be assembled and criss-cross each other at the top of the tent. 

There are pocket seams that run in an x pattern in which to thread these poles. The poles are secured with pole pockets and a pin and ring system. The floor can be staked down in all four corners for security. We recommend a camping pad under your sleeping bag for a more comfortable night’s sleep.  The rain fly is easily installed with stretchy cords and a hook that secures into the pole rings.

Experienced campers can put up this tent in about 10 minutes or less. Unexperienced tent builders will still be able to complete the entire setup in less than 30 minutes. Overall, the setup is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take any strenuous activity. It is perfect for scouts, youth groups, and kids learning to build their tents for the first time.

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Also, there is no need to worry about allowing bugs or water to come in because of an electric cord zipped into the doorway. There is a conveniently placed E-port to enable access to an electric cable.

E-port on the Wenzel Torrey 2-Person Dome tent

Packed Size and Weight

Whether it is a night in the woods, a music festival, or with the kids in the backyard, this tent has you covered. The Wenzel Torrey two-person tent is very versatile. It is a large tent that can fit into a small package. Camp and backcountry campers rejoice – this lightweight tent is only 22” (58 cm) long and 6” (15 cm) wide when packed. What makes it even more convenient is you can set it up in minutes and fold it down in seconds.

Last but not least, the Torrey 2-person tent is relatively lightweight at less than 6 lbs (2.95 kg).

When camping, biking, or heading off to your favorite hiking spot, you need a place to call home. Take a load off and stay comfortable with this lightweight tent, which conveniently folds down into a compact storage bag that is provided. It is easy to place in the trunk of your vehicle for impromptu sleeping arrangements. It is easy to transport and so lightweight you can take it anywhere.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight, less than 6lbs
  • Oversized for a 2-person tent with 33 square feet
  • Easy setup with an external frame and just two poles
  • Storage loft makes use of usually wasted space
  • Affordable


  • Headroom, unable to stand up
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Not for frequent use


Comfort and Space8
Weather Resistance8
Ease of Setup9
Size and Weight9
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