Wenzel Pinyon 10 Person Dome Tent

The Wenzel Pinyon 10 Person Dome Tent is a lightweight tent designed to provide shelter for families or small groups of people in the campground, backyard, or backcountry. It’s compact and can be set up quickly and easily in less than 5 minutes. With its waterproof fabric and unique rain fly, it’s a 3 season tent designed to withstand moderate inclement weather conditions.

Comfort and Space

A company of boys is preparing their campsite with the Wenzel Pinyon 10 Person Dome Tent

Like most tents on the market, this tent says 10-person, but the reality is for the living space, it is likely to become uncomfortable when exceeding five or six. The 155 square feet tent measures 18′ x 10′ (5.49m x 3.05m) of floor space. Divided by ten people would allow each person to have 1.8′ (0.55 m). That is unfeasible. It is a dome tent, and at its peak, it is 76″ (193.04 cm) high, so most people can comfortably stand up.

The Pinyon can be separated into two rooms by an easy hang divider for added privacy. There is a handy gear loft at the dome’s peak and the convenience of 12 mesh pockets for organizing and securing storage. It also has an E-port for easy extension cord access without compromising the risks of rain or creepy crawlies. 

An E-port outside the Wenzel Pinyon 10 Person Dome Tent

Ventilation and breathability

Wenzel Pinyon 10 Person Dome Tent without a rainfly

Windows windows windows. Ventilation is excellent as the top 1/3 of the tent is made of bug free mesh windows on three sides. The extension on each side of the tent, as well as the double D style doors, have zip-down windows. This permits the breeze to flow through, which means you have 360 degree views for stargazing.

You don’t need to worry about the chance of rain or the evening dew because the removable rainfly will protect you. Installation is straightforward. The Rainfly has a built-in window shield covering the back window. This rear window section can be zipped down or rolled up for easy sleeping while still enjoying your surrounding views.

Wenzel Pinyon 10 Person Dome Tent with rolled up window

Weather Resistance 

Wenzel Pinyon 10 Person Dome Tent with zipped rainfly

The Wenzel Pinyon Dome Tent is an excellent choice for mild to moderate weather camping. The 2-room tent is advertised to accommodate up to ten people, and it has double door entrances.

Made of 600mm polyester taffeta and treated with a Weather Guard coating, this tent is designed to be an effective water resistant fabric. This quality fabric provides excellent protection against light rain and UV rays. The attribute that separates a budget tent and an expensive-quality tent is the quality of the waterproof coating.

The foundation or floor of the tent is made of durable welded polyethylene and nylon. A mud mat at the front door keeps the floor clean while muddy shoes stay outside. There is a small awning, which is created by connecting the removable rainfly to the window.

A mud mat at the front door of Wenzel Pinyon 10 Person Dome Tent

Every part of the tent is guarded against water damage due to the Weather Guard water-resistant layer. It is possible to listen to the rain without getting wet


Wenzels Pinyon tent was built with families in mind. They wanted a tent that would withstand the elements and normal wear and tear. The fiberglass frame poles have corded shocks for stability and ease of construction. If you’re not a regular camper, fiberglass poles might be all you need, even though aluminum poles are stronger and are usually recommended.

Nylon material is more rugged and durable than polyester. But polyester is less expensive, is more successful at protecting from UV exposure, and is heavier than nylon. Economical tents are usually constructed from polyester, and by in large, it has proven to be successful.

The 68D Polyester Taffeta fabric is a great fabric that resists damage, including rips and tears. It can take polyester up to 500 years to decompose, so it is suited for lasting quality making your tent stand the test of time.

The Bristlecone is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a sturdy and waterproof tent. The tent floor is crafted of welded polyethylene. Polyethylene is remarkably rugged. The exterior and fly are well-built and have a nice tough outdoor appearance.

Ease of Use

We’re in the 21st century, so it makes sense to update our camping gear for the 21st century. The Pinyon 10-person camping tent improves on the classic tent design by combining modern materials and handcrafted quality.

It’s the perfect tent for any outdoor adventure. It’s built for the outdoors, designed with you in mind, and has a roomy interior.

The ease of setup and take down makes camp setup frustration free. The Wenzel Pinyon 10-Person Dome Tent is lightweight, versatile, and ideal for camping, day trips, and even those extended stays. 

The cord-shocked poles can be put together in a matter of minutes. Five fiberglass poles are included in the tent. Two poles criss-cross each other at the top of the tent, and they are secured with pole pockets and a pin and ring system. Two poles support the modified extensions, and a fifth pole supports the awning. If you have two people, it is very easy to set up. It might be challenging to manage for one person alone.

Two poles of the Wenzel Pinyon 10 Person Dome Tent

The Pinyon’s floor or base of the tent needs to be secured by driving in the provided anchors using a rubber mallet or hammer in all four corners. The external frame of the 10-person tent helps to maintain the tent’s stability even in moderately windy conditions. The instructions on how to set up and take down are easy to follow.

 Packed Size and Weight

The Bristlecone is a large tent but folds down without difficulty into a manageably compact size. The tent’s lightweight material makes transporting doable. It is an excellent choice for hikers who want to camp overnight during short hikes. 

The Pinyon weighs just under 23lbs (10.59 kg). This may not be practical for long hiking adventures. For hikers, this might be cumbersome, but for bikers and ATV overnight trips, the weight could be acceptable. When broken down it collapses to 216″ x 120″ x 75.96″ inches (548.64cm x 304.8cm x 192.94cm).

This can easily be placed in the trunk of your vehicle or securely attached to a bike or Jeep for simple transportation. This easy-up tent is great for kids camping out in the woods, in a park, or even in the backyard with a few friends.

Pros and Cons


  • Nice size for families of 5 or 6
  • Durable
  • It has a 2-room option


  • Cord-shocked poles can fail
  • Capacity is smaller than advertised


Comfort and Space7/10
Weather Resistance7/10
Ease of Setup9/10
Size and Weight8/10
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