Wenzel Jack Pine 4-Person Dome Tent

The Wenzel Jack Pine 4-person Dome tent is an easy set-up, 56 square feet of floor space, family tent. Its unique rain fly configuration allows for the unexpected while permitting excellent ventilation and views. Add great storage options like a loft and extra-large pockets, and you will see what makes this tent a fantastic choice.

Comfort and Space

A man and a woman relax inside the Wenzel Jack Pine 4-Person Dome Tent, pitched near a lake

With a floor size of 8′ x 7′ (243.8 cm x 213.4 cm), this 4-person tent will hold a queen-size mattress with access space all the way around it. It is also great for two full size cots. That said, four people in sleeping bags could make it work under close conditions.

This is a one room dome tent with a peak clearance of 48″ (121.9 cm) that has plenty of headspace, yet you will not have leeway to stand. All in all, the 56 ft² floorspace would be great for a couple or a family with a small child.

Storage is not a problem with four extra-large mesh pockets and a mesh storage loft, allowing you to use the dome headspace while seeing what is stored there.

Breathability and Ventilation

A mesh window of the Wenzel Jack Pine 4-Person Dome tent

Ventilation is excellent as the top 1/3 of the tent is made of bug free mesh windows on three sides. The D-shaped front door contains a zip down window. This not only allows the breeze to flow through without impediment, but what’s more, it provides access to 360 degree views.

If you are worried about the falling dew or the chance of rain, the included rainfly will protect you.

A unique element of this tent is that it has a rain fly with the ability to open and roll back to help you get a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors without worry because the weather is unpredictable. 

Weather Resistance

This three-season tent is an excellent choice for mild and moderate weather. The tent is shielded from the rain with a weather guard water-resistant finish to compliment the 600mm polyester taffeta.

The foundation or floor was constructed from welded polyethylene and nylon. A handy mud mat folds out at the front door to promote keeping shoes out and the tent clean.

The rainfly creates a small awning over the front door. Weather Guard water resistant sealant is applied to every element to protect from moisture.

A rainfly of the Wenzel Jack Pine 4-Person Dome tent


The Jack Pine 4-person tent was built to stand the test of time. The tent poles are made of fiberglass and shock corded for ease of assembly. Fiberglass poles can be more than adequate if you only camp a few times a year. However, aluminum poles are superior to fiberglass because aluminum is lighter and more durable than fiberglass and will last longer.

Nylon is stronger than polyester, but budget tents are usually made of polyester. Polyester is cheaper, holds up better under the sun, and it’s heavier than nylon. The 68D Polyester Taffeta fabric is designed to protect you against water damage and provide UV protection for the longevity of your tent.

The tent floor is made of welded polyethylene for protection against rocks, sticks, and other ground materials. The exterior and rainfly material give it a rugged, well-built outdoor look and feel. The rainfly is constructed of a water-repellent polyester taffeta material that will repel moisture while allowing airflow.

Ease of Use

Prepare for a weekend adventure with the 4-person tent from Wenzel. With its simple frame system, you will get a stable base for your tent, and setting up this type of build is simple. The four-person can be put up by a single person with ambition and dedication or a couple of people with ease. An external frame system provides structure and stability.

Two fiberglass shock corded tent poles must be assembled and criss-cross each other at the top of the tent, and there are pocket seams that run in an x pattern in which to thread these poles. Pole pockets and a pin and ring system secure the poles.

You may need a rubber mallet or a hammer to stake down the floor in all four corners for security. If you have a sleeping bag, we recommend a camping pad under it for a more comfortable night’s sleep. It is possible for experienced campers to put up a tent in 10 minutes or less. In less than 30 minutes, inexperienced tent builders will be able to complete their entire setup.

The setup is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take a lot of work. It’s perfect for scouts, youth groups, and kids learning to build their tents. There is no need to worry about bugs or water getting into the house because there is an electric cord in the doorway. An electric cable can be accessed from a conveniently placed E-port.

An E-port on the Wenzel Jack Pine 4-Person Dome tent

Packed Size and Weight

Whether camping in the woods, at a music festival, or with the kids in the backyard, this tent will do the job. The Wenzel Jack Pine 4-person tent is very versatile. It is a large tent that can fit into a small package. Backcountry campers will appreciate that this lightweight tent is around 22 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches ( 55.88 x 23 x 23 cm) when packed. What makes it even more convenient is you can set it up in minutes and fold it down in seconds. This Jack Pine 4-person tent is relatively lightweight at 8.2 lbs (3.72 kg).

When camping, biking, or heading off to your favorite hiking spot, you will need a place to lay your head if you will be spending the night. I am sure you would like that place to be bug-free and critter-free. Take a load off and stay comfortable with this lightweight tent, which conveniently folds down into a compact storage bag that is provided. It is easy to place in the trunk of your vehicle for spontaneous adventures. It is easy to store and so lightweight you can take it anywhere.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • Ample storage


  • Tent pole bungee cord is weak 
  • Back window rainfly only accessible from the outside
  • Fiberglass poles


Comfort and Space7
Weather Resistance7
Ease of Setup9
Size and Weight9
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