Wenzel Bristlecone 8-Person Dome Tent

The Wenzel Bristlecone 8-person Dome Tent is a large 8 person modified dome tent with two doors, great packed size, innovative fly configurations, and a great price. This 3-season tent is modified (extended) on each side to create two rooms for privacy. 

Comfort and Space

A man and a girl finish pitching the Wenzel Bristlecone 8-Person Dome Tent, while three women already sit inside that tent and smile at each other

This modified tent features an extension on either side and is able to be separated by a divider into two rooms. The Bristlecone design does not allow it to be freestanding. Each of these rooms also has its own separate door for complete privacy while dressing or sleeping. It has a floor space of 115 square feet

The peak is 74″ tall, allowing those below 6 feet to stand comfortably. A rating for 8-person may be pushing it. It has 15′ x 8′ (457m x 2.44m) of actual floor space. It is a great size for a small family of 5 or 6. There are eight mesh storage pockets so each person can have their own and an innovative gear loft conveniently placed at the top of the dome. 

Breathability and Ventilation

Wenzel Bristlecone 8-Person Dome Tent without a rainfly

This 8-person tent is not like your grandpa’s tent. The two extensions have two large mesh windows. This permits you to enjoy nature and stargazing views through the mesh top. The mesh provides protection from critters and creepy crawlers.

Wenzel Bristlecone 8-Person Dome Tent with open window
Wenzel Bristlecone 8-Person Dome Tent with half-open window

There are two D-shaped zip-away windows located on the double doors. The back of the tent has a large window also. These large cross ventilation windows allow air to flow through freely. The unique rain fly provides for many different configurations. This allows protection without loss of ventilation. The rainfly covers all window for a shield from the rain and fo privacy.  

Weather Resistance

This three-season tent is an excellent choice for mild and moderate weather. The rain fly covers the back and both side windows while still providing good ventilation. It is not made for high winds.

The Bristlecone tent is made from 600mm taffeta polyester. Your tent will be safe from the rain with Weather Guard, a water-resistant coating.

Water-resistant coating of the Wenzel Bristlecone 8-Person Dome Tent

Budget-to-good tents and superior tents are similar in many ways; the difference between them is the type of waterproof coating. The better the actual coating performs, the better the quality. In our experience, this coating may need to be applied again after a couple of years of camping. This can be accomplished easily and quickly, and products are widely available.

Nylon and polyester are not waterproof on their own but can be made to be so through a finish coating, a process known as waterproofing.

Wenzel Bristlecone created the base floor of the tent from rugged welded polyethylene. A mud mat in front of both front doors helps keep the tent from bringing in dirt and sand in the tent clean. An awning over the front doors is made using the rain fly and a shock corded pole. 

The waterproof sealant provides water repellency and is applied to all materials. Every zipper and seal is overlaid with Weather Guard waterproof finish to protect from rain and seeping moisture.


Using innovation, Wenzel built this family tent that would withstand the elements. The fiberglass frame is shock corded for stability.

Aluminum poles usually are recommended over fiberglass, but if you are not a regular camper, you might find fiberglass poles to be all you need and suited for your situation.

Nylon is more rugged and durable than polyester. But polyester is cheaper, protects from UV exposure, and is commonly heavier than nylon. Polyester is typically used for economical tents and, by in large successful.

The 68D Polyester Taffeta fabric protects you against moisture, is not likely to be damaged, and also provides UV protection. Polyester is a fabric suited for lasting quality making your tent stand the test of time.

The Bristlecone is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a sturdy and waterproof tent. The tent floor is structured of welded polyethylene, which makes it remarkably strong. The exterior and fly material are well-built and have a tough outdoor facade.

Ease of Use

A man and a woman set up the Wenzel Bristlecone 8-Person Dome Tent

It’s time to bring your favorite camping gear into the 21st century. The Bristlecone 8-person camping tent is a new breed of tent that combines modern materials and craftsmanship to improve the classic tent design. The result is a versatile, easy-to-use, and comfortable shelter. Designed with you in mind, it is built to be the ideal shelter for any outdoor adventure.

With the comfort of a dome tent and the ease of setup and take down, the Wenzel Bristlecone 8-Person Dome Tent is a lightweight, versatile shelter for camping, day trips, and extended stays. This tent is easy to assemble.

The poles snap together and can be assembled in minutes. This tent includes four fiberglass poles. Two poles criss-cross each other at the top of the tent and are secured with pole pockets and a pin and ring system. Two poles support the modified extensions and there is a fifth pole to support the awning when in use. The size of this tent makes it very easy to set up if you have two people. It may be difficult to manage for one person alone.

A rubber mallet or a hammer will be necessary to secure the floor or base of the tent in all four corners for stability and safety. This 8-person tent is structured with an external frame, which helps to maintain the tent stability even during moderate windy conditions. Set up and take down are both straightforward using the included directions.

Wenzel Bristlecone 8-Person Dome Tent poles

The Bristlecone is a large tent but folds down without difficulty into a manageably compact size. The tent’s lightweight material makes transporting doable. It is an excellent choice for hikers who want to camp overnight during short hikes. 

Packed Size and Weight

This tent model weighs just under 18lbs. For some, this may be practical for short hiking trips. For long hikes, this might be a little cumbersome. When compacted it folds down to around 23.9 x 10.4 x 9.6 inches ( 60.71 x 26.42 x 24.38 cm). 

The Bristlecone is big on performance but can be compacted for easy transportation may be in the trunk of your vehicle or securely attached to your bike. This easy-up tent is excellent for kids camping in the backyard with a few friends. 

Pros and Cons


  • 2 Rooms
  • Standard E-port
  • External Framework
  • Affordable


  • Small for Advertised Capacity
  • Fiberglass Tent Poles, not Aluminum 


Comfort and Space8/10
Weather Resistance7/10
Ease of Setup9/10
Size and Weight9/10
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