Ozark Trail Crystal Caverns 10-Person Festival Tent With 2 Entrances

The Ozark Trail Crystal Caverns 10-Person Festival Tent With 2 Entrances is a highly budget-friendly tent designed to house the gang for the next festival or summer excursion with friends. It can comfortably fit two queen-sized beds plus extra luggage (costumes anyone?), has two entrances, and measures eight feet tall at its center.

Comfort and Space

A woman sits in a chair and look at a man lying in the Ozark Trail Crystal Caverns 10-Person Festival Tent With 2 Entrances

The Ozark Trail Crystal Caverns 10-person festival tent has dimensions of 15 feet x 13 feet (457 x 396 cm), giving it 146 sq ft (13.6 sq m) of floor space. It is a single-room yurt-style tent for a luxurious glamping feel. At its center point, the Crystal Caverns ceiling reaches 8 ft (244 cm) and tapers off to about three feet at the side walls. 

With no center pole, the tent feels expansive and allows for maximum usage of the space. An added benefit for festival goers is there won’t be any stress in knocking down the center pole and collapsing the tent on a late night return home.

There are no vestibules or extra storage rooms. There is a large mud flap at both doorways to keep the interior free of grime and dirt.

The tent is equipped with six three-section hanging pockets and organizers to keep small, lightweight items allocated. Plus there is a movable pocket to hang a small tablet or screen from for group viewing parties and luxury glamping.

A three-section hanging pocket inside the Ozark Trail Crystal Caverns 10-Person Festival Tent With 2 Entrances
A movable pocket inside the Ozark Trail Crystal Caverns 10-Person Festival Tent With 2 Entrances

Breathability and Ventilation 

No need to fear overheating during your camping experience as the Crystal Caverns 10-person Festival tent is outfitted with six windows and four ceiling vents. The windows are situated along the walls of the tent and touch the ground, while the vents are positioned at the highest points of the ceiling giving this tent a solid breathability score. The windows and vents also prevent condensation from happening overnight.

Each door is fitted with its own screen. Simply tie the door flaps to the side and create a nice cross breeze through the tent while keeping pesky bugs at bay.

Ozark Trail Crystal Caverns 10-Person Festival Tent With 2 Entrances

Weather Resistance

Unfortunately the Crystal Caverns tent goes downhill in this arena. It is described as a 3-season tent, but reviewers online discourage using the tent in anything other than temperate, sunny conditions with zero wind and zero rain. This tent is simply not made to withstand the elements.

There is no rain fly included with purchase and you might be hard-pressed to find one that fits the specific structure of the tent. There are awnings that (if tied according to set-up instructions) stretch out past the tent’s walls to help keep the rain out of the lower windows. Yet if there are high winds rain might be blown in since there are no window coverings.


There are many reviews online stating when they contacted Ozark customer support regarding durability and weather-resistant issues the company stated all Ozark tents are not made to be used anywhere other than your front yard. Do not expect this tent to last for years if exposed to the elements, it might not even last your entire festival experience. Buyers beware.

The Crystal Caverns Festival tent body and flooring are made with poly taffeta material which gives it its breathability and quick-drying characteristics. Poly taffeta isn’t the most durable material on the market but for the price of the tent, one can’t complain.

It comes with six steel poles and sixteen steel stakes. Steel is used for larger tents when rigidity and strength are highly important. In other words, the steel poles and stakes are of high quality for the design of this tent and allow for a sustainable frame. The poles are hard to bend and stand firm in big gusts of wind (however, the tent material does not). The downside to steel poles is they are much heavier than their aluminum or fiberglass counterparts. The tent is made for car camping rather than backpacking, so thankfully you won’t be carrying the tent too far.

Ease of Use

Set up of this tent can be more difficult due to its great size. Ozark recommends having a friend around to help, stating two people can get the job done in 20 minutes. Reviewers note that even with two people the task seems challenging.

To set up the Crystal Caverns tent:

  1. First, spread the tent body out tightly and stake it to the ground
  2. Next, build the poles by extending them and putting them together on their marked locations.
  3. Take the poles with the bends at the end and guide them through the pole sleeves towards the center of the roof. Fix them together here.
  4. Next, insert these poles into the lower leg poles (clearly marked on instructions and pole legs).
  5. Stand the tent up and put the pole legs onto the fast feet at the floor of the tent body. 
  6. Begin to set up the door frame poles from the inside of the tent, connect each pole to their respective side of the tent and connect the poles together at the center of the tent. 
  7. Start staking out the guyline awnings so they are snug starting with the front door, then the back door and the remainder of the guylines. Make sure to tie off all poles to the ties along the tent for structure maintenance. 

Setup instructions are sewn into the carry bag, and there is a helpful youtube video for added set-up support. Do not attempt to set this tent up alone. Have at least one friend around to assist.

Packed Size and Weight

The Trail Crystal Caverns tent packs down to 32 in. x 10.75 in. x 10.75 in. (81 x 27.3 x 27.3 cm) and weighs 29.4 lbs (13.3 kg) in the carrying case. For a 10-person tent with steel poles, this weight is unbeatable. It isn’t the lightest on the market but it is well below average for larger sized tents.

Packed size of the Ozark Trail Crystal Caverns 10-Person Festival Tent With 2 Entrances

The carrying case provides ease of travel and storage, just remember to fold it up in accordance with the size of the carrying case. Once inside, simply store it in the garage or closet until you want to enjoy it again.

Pros & Cons


  • Price is hard to beat
  • Spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Dual doors
  • Media hanging pocket


  • Lack of durability
  • Not weather resistant
  • Takes 2 people to set up
  • No rain fly


Rated from (1 to 10) on the following criteria:

Comfort and Space8
Weather Resistance2
Ease of Setup5
Size and Weight8
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