Ozark Trail 10-Person Tunnel Tent

The Ozark Trail 10-Person Tunnel Tent is a huge car camping tent built for large groups and designed to comfortably store all camping necessities in its huge side vestibule. This tent is easy to use, free-standing, budget-friendly, and designed for three seasons.

Comfort and Space

A man and a woman play football in front of the red Ozark Trail 10-Person Tunnel Tent. Another woman sits in a chair in that tent's vestibule.

Measuring 21.25 ft. x 10.25 ft. (647.7 x 312.4 cm), the Ozark Trail 10-person Tunnel Tent has over 215 sq ft (20 sq m) of indoor floor space. This is enough room for up to four queen-sized beds or 10 individuals in their sleeping bags, plus a room divider to create two private spaces.

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The peak ceiling height reaches 78 inches (198 cm) giving a nod to the taller outdoor enthusiasts. With two entrances at each end of the tunnel, one needn’t fear stepping on their fellow camper while trying to get out at night.

The vestibule gives an added 59.6 sq ft (5.5 sq m) of room for gear, or a space to hide from unfavorable weather. With three walls and a ceiling, simply lay down the provided mud mat to keep items dry and protected from the elements. 

Tunnel tents offer more space and headroom than their fellow dome tents, creating a cozy home-away-from-home vibe. This tent is exceptionally versatile and designed with families and large groups in mind.

It is also outfitted with five dual-section hanging pockets to keep small items organized, and an adjustable multimedia pocket for a movie night. The tent is equipped with three lantern loops to keep the interior well lit during late nights and early mornings.

A dual-section hanging pocket inside the Ozark Trail 10-Person Tunnel Tent
An adjustable multimedia pocket inside the Ozark Trail 10-Person Tunnel Tent

Breathability and Ventilation 

Each of the entrances of the Ozark Trail 10-Person Tunnel Tent is designed with a mesh roll-back fly to keep ventilation high and bugs at a minimum. The rainfly is designed to adjust in accordance with ventilation needs. Simply roll the sides of the rainfly towards the tent walls where you will find ties to keep it in place. 

Breathability and ventilation features of the Ozark Trail 10-Person Tunnel Tent

If it’s a clear and dry night try taking the rain fly off for a beautiful stargazing experience. The Tunnel Tent is designed with large mesh walls that start two feet from the floor of the tent and stretch across the entire ceiling of the tent. You won’t miss out on viewing your favorite constellation from bed while sleeping in this tent!

Mesh roof of the Ozark Trail 10-Person Tunnel Tent

Weather Resistance

Tunnel tents are typically not the most wind-resistant tents on the market. In windy conditions, it is advised to set a tunnel tent up parallel to the direction the wind is coming from and securely stake it down prior to raising it. Otherwise, you might turn the tent into a kite! Use every single guy line provided (this tent comes with 10) and ensure they are taught. Aim for natural coverings like alcoves, trees, and big boulders to keep the tent out of the wind as much as possible. If you follow these general guidelines, your tunnel tent should survive a windy environment.

With 1200 mm coating and taped seams, the manufacturers aimed to craft a water-resistant tent. The taped seams offer additional protection from the elements. The rain fly is adjustable and comes with guylines to stake out allowing the water to slide down and away from the floor of the tent.

Keep in mind that tunnel tents are not advisable for use in heavy rain or snow as their ceiling’s u-shape will either bow and catch a pool of water/snow or it will fail and crumble due to the weight.


The Ozark Trail 10-Person Tunnel tent is crafted with poly taffeta waterproofing material which is one of the most durable materials on the market. With a high tensile and tear strength polyester is a strong and sustainable choice for tent material.

The tent comes with six fiberglass poles and twenty-five steel stakes. Fiberglass poles are not as light and durable as their aluminum counterparts but they are more friendly on the wallet and are typically found in budget-friendly tents. If you aim to use this tent more than a couple of times a year, try to take extra care of the poles to ensure longevity.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Tunnel Tent components

Ease of Use

Ozark Trail advises using two people to set this monster of a tent up in 25 minutes. However, we suggest using at least three. Reviewers agree that it can be done with two people but is much easier with three.

The setup is simple, as the frame poles are color-coded for convenience. Simply fit the poles together, slide them through the pockets of the tent and into the key-holes to stand up that portion of the tent. Do this with each of the four sections and you will have a standing tent! 

Ozark Trails provided a handy youtube video with setup and take-down instructions. You can also find the instructions sewn into the inside of the tent carry bag.

Packed Size and Weight

When packed up, this tunnel tent weighs 43 pounds (19.5 kg). This is far from lightweight, but you have to remember the amount of space and comfort it provides. In comparison, the Coleman 10-Person Weather Master weighs in at 30.86 pounds, and the Columbia Mammoth Creek 10-Person tent weighs 38 pounds.

Since this tent is designed for car camping, the weight factor won’t come into play too much. The convenient carry bag makes transporting the tent to and from your car a little easier. 

Keeping the tent in the carrying case when it isn’t in use will ensure its longevity and durability.

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Pros and Cons


  • One of the largest tents on the market
  • Room divider
  • Good ventilation and airflow
  • Vestibule for gear storage


  • Heavy
  • Lacks wind resistance


Comfort and Space9
Weather Resistance7
Ease of Setup7
Size and Weight8
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