OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock Hot Tent

The OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock Hot Tent is a freestanding, 4-season, spacious, waterproof tent with 2 3.3″ / 8.4 cm stove jacks on the roof and the side wall. It is inexpensive, and remarkably easy to set up, even for new campers. 

Comfort and Space

OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock Hot Tent with lights inside is pitched outdoors at nighttime

The OneTigris Hammock hot tent has a floor width of 79.2″ / 201.2 cm and a floor length of 158.3″ / 402.1 cm, allowing for plenty of floor space for a hammock, cot beds, a wood stove, as well as some room for gear. 

The total floor area is 86.9 square feet. With a peak height of 6.2 ft / 190 cm, there is enough shoulder space to live comfortably within the tent. The walls are 3.3 ft / 100 cm vertical and the roof is sloped to handle any snowfall, which means you wouldn’t be able to stand upright on the sides of the tent. 

Its design is a hammock tent but can be used as a frame tent if you add your own poles or sticks for support. The advantages of a hammock tent are that they are very lightweight and very easy to set up as they are frameless and require no heavy-duty poles. 

You also do not have to worry about staking the pegs into the ground. One of the advantages of hammock tents is that you don’t need a level ground to pitch the tent as it is suspended above the ground and just needs some stable trees for support. 

This tent doesn’t have a floor, but even if the ground is soaked after rain or snow, you can stay suspended and dry in the hammock. In addition, in cold weather, staying suspended in the hammock will give you some protection from the cold coming from the ground. 

This large tent can accommodate two to three cots in addition to the hammock, and the two stove jacks will be able to accommodate pipes of different angles. 

Breathability and Ventilation

There are no windows to this hammock tent but there are two doors, one at the front of the tent and one at the back. There are two stove jacks, one on the roof and one on the sidewall, which could be used for ventilation when not in use. 

OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock Hot Tent with open door pitched in the woods

The OneTigris Tegimen is specifically designed for winter camping, and there isn’t much ventilation for the summer. You can’t keep the doors open because there are no bug nets, so as far as hot weather goes, this tent wouldn’t be the best choice. 

Weather Resistance

The rugged 70D Ripstop Nylon fabric used to make this tent provides excellent durability against rain, wind, and dust, and is waterproof and treated to provide complete weather resistance. The 3000 mm waterproof rating will keep you dry, even in heavy rains. 

The stove jacks have rain covers that you can attach when not in use, and a windproof skirt is also included to provide extra protection against a wind storm and also helps to keep you warm and dry. In strong winds, this tent isn’t the most stable, and you’ll have to use the stake loops along the button and stabilize the four corners with ropes. 


The nylon fabric used to make this tent is high-quality and to make this tent even more durable, high-quality YKK zippers have been used on both doors to keep the openings secure even during harsh weather conditions. 

YKK zippers on the OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock Hot Tent

There are no poles so you must find strong and stable trees to tie your hammock tent and stake down all the corners and edges along the bottom. With 3000mm waterproofing, this tent will hold up in heavy rains and has not been reported to leak. 

The stitching around the tie-out points is top-quality and well done, and the ripstop nylon material is tough, but not fire retardant. If you are intending to use a wood stove, you might need to get a fire-resistant stove mat separately or risk burning a hole through the tent from the ambers. 

Ease of Use

Set up of this hammock tent is remarkably easy and can be done by one person in under 15 minutes. If you happen to find a good area with sturdy trees surrounding you to use to support the tent, then the rest is easy. There are no poles needed to hold the tent up. 14 stakes and 10 guy lines will help keep the tent in place, which you can easily place if you watch one of the many videos online. 

The tent is completely frameless meaning it is very lightweight but might require sticks or separate poles to hold up the tent in case you do not find an area with stable trees close by. You’ll also have stake loops along the bottom that you can peg down. 

This frameless tent can be set up without poles, but using poles would be better. You can open the zippers on the doors from both the top and bottom, giving you the option of passing the rope attached to the hammock through the door at your chosen height. 

Packed Size and Weight

The item package dimensions of the tent in L x W x H is 23″ x 9.5″ x 6.95″ / 58.4 x 24.1 x 17.6 cm, while the packed size of the tent in L x W x H is 20.8″ x 5.9″ x 5.9″ / 53 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm. It weighs only 6.8 lbs / 3.1 kg, making it very easy to transport and carry. It is also easy to store the tent, as it does not take up as much space as other more heavy-duty tents usually do.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Hammock-friendly
  • Two stove jacks
  • Spacious 
  • Durable
  • Great waterproofing


  • No bug mesh 
  • No poles included
  • Too few stakes included (you’ll need some additional ones) 
  • No windows
  • No mesh lining to keep insects out
  • Not suitable for hot weather 
  • Not fire retardant material 


Comfort and Space 9/10
Weather Resistance 9/10
Durability 8/10
Ease of Setup 9/10
Size and Weight 9/10
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