KingCamp Khan Canvas Tent

The KingCamp Khan Canvas Tent is a luxurious 4-season tent that can accommodate 6 to 8 persons. With two stove jacks and top-quality canvas material, this tent is ideal for a glamping trip in all weather conditions.

Comfort and Space

With a floor space measuring ‎196 x 196 x 118 inches / 498 x 498 x 300 cm over a floor area of 212 sq. ft / 19.7 sq. meters, the KingCamp Khan Canvas Tent can comfortably accommodate six people, although the advertised eight would be a squeeze. 

There’s enough room for two queen beds and six single cots, and the generous peak interior height of 13 feet / 3.96 cm provides plenty of head and shoulder room for campers to move around easily.

KingCamp Khan Canvas Tent pitched outdoors

Like all bell tents, the sloping roof makes it harder to stand upright near the edges, but the smaller living space also means that the tent is easier to heat during winter, unlike cabin-style tents that have near vertical walls. 

Bell tents offer more room than tipi-style tents but way less than a lodge-style tent. However, its sloping roof makes shedding snow easier. 

Breathability and Ventilation

The tent is made of polyester-cotton material, which is breathable and can keep the tent cool in the summer. The door can be unzipped from the middle and rolled up for maximum ventilation, yet the mesh screen keeps the bugs out. 

KingCamp Khan Canvas Tent with unzipped doors and walls

There are plenty of windows along the walls that you can keep open and still be protected from bugs, but you also can completely unzip the tent from the groundsheet and use it as a canopy. When you are sleeping on the ground, the abundant mesh covering lets plenty of air right through the tent, keeping everyone cool on hot nights. 

Weather Resistance

The KingCamp Khan Canvas tent is a single-layer tent but contains a double-sided PU (polyurethane) waterproof coating which will hold well fantastically against rain. Polyurethane is a type of coating that is used to make tents waterproof. 

This tent is a four-season tent with two fire retardant stove jacks which you can use for cold weather camping. One stove jack is located at the side while the other is near the roof, so you can pick and choose which angle pipes to use based on where you want to place your wood stove. The 7-inch stove jacks will fit more pipes and allow you to use a wide range of stoves. 

A stove jack on the KingCamp Khan Canvas tent

The tent also contains a waterproof groundsheet as it is made of PVC-welded fabric which is secured to the body of the tent with sturdy zippers. This type of material is not only water and vapor-proof, but it is also fire-retardant. To completely reduce the risk of any flames, however, the tent contains a detachable section in the middle of the ground sheet, which can be removed to allow you to place your stove. 


Made up of a combination of polyester and cotton, this tent utilizes the best of these two materials. With the incorporation of cotton into the tent body, its overall durability is increased as the material is more waterproof as compared to polyester. 

Polycotton also is more resistant to UV light degradation and can be used in areas with hot climates. Another advantage of this type of material is the fact that it is relatively quiet inside especially against windy conditions, allowing you to sleep soundly through the night. 

Interior of the KingCamp Khan Canvas tent

Due to the breathability of the material, the tent retains less moisture and therefore increases its mildew resistance. The material is also much stronger as opposed to the use of just a cotton canvas, hence less prone to tears in the event of powerful winds. 

Since the entrance of the tent has an A-frame, the tent comes with two thick aluminum alloy poles, one for the middle of the tent and the other for the door. The diameter of the center pole is 2.05 inches, while that of the door pole is 0.87 inches. The center pole also contains a hook, which comes in handy if you wish to hang up a lantern or for storage.

Ease of Use

The tent setup is fairly standard and according to King Camp, it should take 15 minutes for a person who is familiar with the camping experience. For a beginner, however, it would require at best 2 people for a faster and easier assembly.

First, you’ll take all the items and lay them out on the ground. Then lay out the tent, with the door facing whichever direction you want the tent’s entrance.

Then, look for the loops in the groundsheet which you will stake to the ground. Once the groundsheet is pegged down, assemble the five-piece center pole which will be holding up the tent and giving it support. Once the pole is assembled, place it in the middle of the roof and lift the tent, which will give it its shape. 

Then, set up the A-frame poles for the entrance of the tent. Now all you have to do is stake down all the guylines, and your tent is set up! 

Packed Size and Weight

The KingCamp Khan Canvas Tent is made of tough, high-quality materials that will last for years to come, but this durability comes at a price – it is HEAVY! 

Because of its size and materials, the tent weighs 98 lbs / 44.45kg. It will be difficult to lug around and should be set up for extended use. 

In contrast, KingCamp also has another tent that is almost half the weight at 55.9 lbs / 25kg. The smaller tent measures 13 feet 2 inches and has a capacity for six people. 

Pros and Cons


  • Spacious
  • Excellent peak height
  • Great ventilation
  • Waterproof 
  • 2 stove jacks
  • Tough PVC-welded flooring


  • Heavy
  • Pricey


Comfort and Space8.5/10
Weather Resistance8/10
Ease of Setup7/10
Size and Weight6/10
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