Eureka Tetragon NX 4 Person Tent

Whether you’re on a weekday trip or a music festival, the Eureka Tetragon NX 4 Person Tent gives you plenty of room to move around. This freestanding dome tent is set up in just minutes and will withstand heavy storms, or you can skip the rainfly to enjoy the fresh air and star-gazing.

Comfort and Space

A man sits in a chair and looks at his family playing in the Eureka Tetragon NX 3 Person Tent

The tent floor size is 102 in x 90 in (259 cm x 228.6 cm) and it actually DOES sleep four people. It might be a tad of a squeeze, and if you like tons of shoulder room, this tent should better suit two or three people, especially if you’ve got loads of gear. 

The interior peak height of the tent is 60 in / 152.4 cm, which means most people will have to move around in a crouch. While it would be nice to be able to stand up in a tent and change, the Eureka Tetragon NX 4-person tent still offers more headroom than other 4-person tents, like the Kohana 4-person and the Kazoo 4-person

With 2 storage pockets and a gear loft, you’ll get convenient, smooth access to your knick-knacks without having to use a headlamp or bother your tent-mates with your fussing around.

The single door allows for easy entry and exit, but there are no vestibules to stash your muddy boots or shoes in wet weather. However, the hooded rain fly does its job of keeping the rain out from the entrance. 

Breathability and Ventilation

The Tetragon NX stays comfortable and airy thanks to all wall mesh windows extending to the roof and a built-in zippered mesh window on the D-shaped door.

Like all tents, the rainfly blocks most ventilation, which can be uncomfortable on hot and humid days. However, you can always leave the fly off in good weather and sleep under the stars with maximum air circulating through the generous mesh netting. 

Made of lightweight and durable fiberglass and polyester, the tent’s curved frame design keeps it simple with two poles. In addition, internal pockets and gear trays make it easy to organize everything from campsite setup to breakdowns and all the steps in between.

Eureka Tetragon NX 3 Person Tent

Weather Resistance

For its peak height, the Eureka Tetragon NX 4-person tent does a remarkable job of standing up to high winds and rain. Like most dome tents, this one is designed to resist windy conditions and made with heavy-duty materials that can withstand driving rain. 

Even in a heavy storm, there are no leaks in the roof and the tub-shaped floor surrounds the sides of the tent and protects it from splashes and water pools.


Durable construction combined with high-quality materials such as 63 denier, 190 thread count polyester taffeta, and 1500 mm fabric coating allows this tent to be used for years without problems. 

When it comes to fabrics, polyester taffeta is one of the most versatile options on the market. Extremely durable and easy to care for, it’s resistant to wrinkles, fading, and tearing, and it can be machine washed and tumble or air-dried.

The main pole is made of 9.5mm fiberglass while the fly poles are 8.5mm. Fiberglass poles are heavier and less durable than aluminum, but cost significantly less, making them the ideal choice for budget-friendly tents.

If you aren’t hiking for days at a stretch in the backcountry and need to shave off some precious weight, fiberglass poles do just fine for the casual or weekend camper. 

Ease of Use

This tent is one of the easiest to set up! Even newbie campers who have never set up in a tent will find it easy with the Eureka Tetragon NX 4-person tent and its pre-attached, fiberglass poles. 

Many reviewers claimed it took less than 5 minutes to set up and even quicker when breaking camp.

Here’s how to set up the Eureka Tetragon NX 4-person tent:

  1. First, unpack the package and take stock of what you have. You should have the tent body, the rainfly, four stakes, main frame poles, and fly poles.
  1. Unroll the tent body and spread it out on the ground.
  1. Assemble the two main frame poles and stick the pins in the four corner webbings into the poles.
  1. Lift the frame and attach all the pole clips onto the frame.
  1. Stake down all four corners.
  1. Now set up the rainfly. Unroll the rain fly with the underside up and set up the fly rods.
  1. Attach the fly poles to the rod pockets located on the underside of the rainfly. 
  1. Now you can flip the rainfly onto the tent frame.
  1. Look for the velcro that is underneath the fly and attach them to the tent frame.
  1. You’re almost done! Just attach the lines on the four corners of the rainfly to the stakes in the ground. Now you’re done! 

Packed Size and Weight

For a backpacking tent, this isn’t the lightest, which is probably why Eureka has been marketing their Tetragon tents as ideal for mostly car camping. 

Weighing in at 8 lb 14.4 oz (4.03 kg) and measuring 6 in x 23 in (15 cm x 58 cm) in packed size, it is likely to take up much of your loaded weight if you’re backpacking. However, it IS easy to transport in a car, bicycle, or any other vehicle.

Eureka Tetragon NX 3 Person Tent packed size

While you might not want to take this tent on a multi-day trip where weight matters, you can certainly take it on camping trips with short hike-ins or if you’re driving to the campground. 

Pros and Cons


  • Light, durable two-pole fiberglass frame
  • Simple to use
  • Excellent value
  • The large door provides easy access to the tent interior
  • Hooded rain fly helps airflow and shields the door


  • Bulky 
  • No vestibules
  • Fiberglass poles are not as robust as aluminum


Comfort and Space8/10
Weather Resistance9/10
Ease of Setup8.5/10
Size and Weight7/10
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