Eureka Kohana 6 Person Tent

With an easy-to-set-up structure and plenty of room inside, the Eureka Kohana 6 person tent is just what you need for the perfect family camping trip in good weather. 

Comfort and Space

A man sits inside the Eureka Kohana 6-person tent and looks at a lonely angler, standing in the nearby river

The roomy interior measures 120 inches x 100 inches / 304.8 cm x 254 cm, providing a floor area of 83.3 square feet / 7.7 square meters. This roughly equates to about 13.9 square feet / 1.3 square meters, which is relatively less than other similar 6-person tents such as the Coleman Weathermaster Tent which has a total floor area of 99 square feet / 9.2 square meters. 

The generous peak height of 72 inches / 182.9 cm allows most people to move around barely stooping, but of course, like all dome tents, the sloping walls will cut down on the space available to move around. 

The tent is large and roomy, providing enough shoulder room for six people to move comfortably inside. The six storage pockets and gear loft lets everyone stash their gear conveniently so you won’t go rummaging around in the dark. 

Mesh gear pockets inside the Eureka Kohana 6-person tent

The two vestibules have a generous floor area of 16 square feet  / 1.5 square meters each, the perfect place for all those muddy shoes in wet weather.

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Breathability and Ventilation

Two doors allow for plenty of ventilation when the fly is folded up, but the Eureka Kohana 6-person tent works best when the full-sized rainfly is off. 

The canopy is mostly a mesh fabric, allowing for vast amounts of airflow. In addition, there are vents on the floor and vestibules if you need to keep the rainfly on.

You can also leave the flaps partially open for extra airflow.

Ventilation window in the Eureka Kohana 6-person tent

Weather Resistance

Like many dome tents, the Eureka Kohana 6-person tent stands up well in moderate winds but you wouldn’t want to test it in a serious storm. The floor is thick, polyester fabric with a 2,500mm coating for waterproofing, and the seams are reinforced to prevent leaks.

However, this tent has been known to leak slightly during heavy rainstorms with water dripping in from the mesh on the doors. 

Always check the seams to see if they’re properly sealed and if they’re not, you can use a seam sealer to reinforce them. 


Like many of their other tents, the Eureka Kohana 6-person tent is built like a tank. The fly is made of 75D polyester taffeta with a 3,000 waterproof coating and the floor with 150D polyester and 2,500 mm coating.

Rainfly with waterproof coating of the Eureka Kohana 6 Person Tent

The “D” in the rating denotes “denier”, which is a unit of measurement that indicates the thickness of the thread used in the fabric. The thicker the fabric, the higher the number. 

In addition, the tent poles used are 11mm aluminum poles, unlike many other tents that use fiberglass. Aluminum poles are more durable and are the go-to for higher-end tents but have a tendency to cost a little more than budget models. 

Aluminum is also a very lightweight material, so it’s easy to carry with you when you’re hiking or backpacking. And because it’s so strong, you don’t have to worry about it breaking under the weight of your gear. 

To prevent rust or corrosion on your tent poles, wipe them down with fresh water and a clean rag and store them dry. 

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Ease of Use

Setting up this tent is relatively simple. The webbing is color-coded to be easily matched to the tent. One person can easily set up this large tent on their own!  

Included in the Eureka Kohana 6-person tent package are two fly rods, the rainfly, two main frame poles, the tent body, the stakes, and guylines.

How to Set Up the Eureka Kohana 6-person tent:

  1. Spread the tent body on the ground and unroll.
  1. Find the four corner webbings with the grommets.
  1. Assemble the main frame poles.
  1. Place the assembled poles on top of the tent body in an X.
  1. Insert the grommets in the four corner loops and then stand the tent up! 
  1. Then attach the tent clips to the poles, making sure the peak clip goes over the top pole.  
  1. Now you’ll need to set up the fly. First, assemble the fly rods.
  1. Spread the fly out and flip it upside down.
  1. The tips of the fly rod into the four fly pockets at the corners. Note: the fly poles run parallel, not crossed like the main frame. 
  1. Find the orange and blue webbing and match it to the colors on the tent.
  1. Secure the underside of the fly to the poles with the velcro.
  1. Connect the buckles on the fly to all four corners and adjust the tension.
  1. You can then stake out the front and rear vestibules.
  1. Attach all the guylines and make sure all of them are staked securely.

That’s it! You’re done! Setup can easily be done in about 15 minutes, even by an inexperienced camper. 

Packed Size and Weight

The Eureka Kohana 6-person tent has a packed weight of 13 lbs / 5.9 kg in a relatively small 9 in x 27 in (23 x 69 cm) storage bag. 

This is significantly lighter than several other similar tents such as the Coleman Evanston 6-person tent at 21lbs / 9.59 kg or the Beesky 6-person tent at 15lbs / 7kg. 

Eureka Kohana 6 Person Tent packed size

Although you wouldn’t be very happy lugging a family tent on a 6-hour hike in to the campground, this tent is light and compact enough to be packed up and carried over shorter distances.  

Pros and Cons


  • Relatively lightweight compared to other models
  • Roomy with ample headroom
  • Aluminum poles
  • Well-ventilated
  • Two spacious vestibules


  • Pricier than other similar models
  • Not 100% weatherproof


Comfort and Space8/10
Weather Resistance7/10
Ease of Setup7.5/10
Size and Weight8.5/10
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