Danchel Canvas Yurt Cotton Bell Tent

Danchel Canvas Yurt Cotton Bell Tent is a sturdy 4-season tent with plenty of height room and space for one or two people. This camping tent comes with 2 stove jacks and is an excellent choice for winter camping.

Comfort and Space

Open mesh door of the Danchel Canvas Yurt Cotton Bell Tent

This Danchel Canvas Yurt Cotton Bell Tent was inspired by the traditional yurts from Mongolian culture, this tent has a round base and sloping walls. With four different sizes, this tent can sleep 2, 4, 6, or 8 people. This review is specifically for the 2-person tent. 

The Danchel Canvas Cotton Bell tent has a good height, with the peak interior height standing at 2 m / 6.5 ft. The door height is 5′ 1″ / 1.55 m, while the vertical walls are 23.6″ / 60 cm in height. Once inside the tent, there is plenty of room for one or two people to move around and stand, as it takes the shape of an open base without any vestibules or separate rooms. 

Outside view of the Danchel Canvas Yurt Cotton Bell Tent with open mesh door

However, being a bell tent with dramatically sloping walls, you’ll have to sacrifice some headroom and stoop as you get to the edges of the tent. While bell tents are easier to heat, cabin-style tents offer way more living space. 

Being a 4-season tent with two stove jacks, you can go camping during the winter season with ease and stay warm and cozy all night. It also contains a handy storage space in which you can store your phone or keys, as well as internal hooks on which you can hang lanterns for extra light and warmth.  

Breathability and Ventilation

This outdoor tent boasts four windows, one on each side of the tent, as well as four roof vents. The windows are all mesh, of course, to keep the bugs out.

The PVC groundsheet is removable so you can unzip the walls for extra airflow and enjoy a 360-degree view in the summer. You can buy a separate rain fly for more weatherproofing and a matching footprint. 

Danchel Canvas Yurt Cotton Bell Tent with unzipped walls

In warmer weather, you can keep the canvas windows unzipped to improve airflow, but zip them up in cooler weather to boost the heating capabilities of your wood stove. 

Stove jack on the Danchel Canvas Yurt Cotton Bell Tent

In the Danchel Canvas tent, the stove jacks are not made of flame retardant material, and your stove pipe might be able to burn it. You might need to replace the stove jack and buy a thicker stove pipe for added safety. 

Weather Resistance

The tent is marketed as a 4-season tent, which means that it can be used for camping during any season of the year, be it wet or dry. While this tent only has a single layer, it contains durable, waterproof cotton fabric which helps to prevent water from entering the tent. 

Danchel Canvas Yurt Cotton Bell Tent pitched on the grass

The tent without the rainfly has been known to leak slightly during heavy rains, so it might be a good idea to purchase and install a separate rainfly. 

The bottom of the tent is also slightly raised above the ground to create a type of bathtub design that can shield against splashes. 

Due to its freestanding nature, the tent has to be pegged down with strong rope and about over 20 stakes. The tent package comes with stakes of different thicknesses, some of which can be a tad more flimsy. 

You might want to chuck out the thin stakes and replace them with better ones, which will help to securely attach the tent and allow it to remain standing even during the occurrence of moderate to strong winds.


The tent is made up of 285 gsm canvas khaki fabric, which provides a decent amount of waterproof ability. Since the canvas material is tough fabric, it provides shelter for the rain, and can bear about 0.8 inches of snow. 

Keep in mind however that the tent would then need to dry up thoroughly afterward to avoid the development and spread of mildew. Alternatively, you can consider getting a rainfly which comes as a separate accessory for the tent. 

The tent has a unique A-frame designed with 19mm galvanized steel, which is used to frame the entrance. 

The middle of the tent is held up with a tall pole which is also made up of galvanized steel and is 38mm in width. This material is pretty durable and holds up the tent quite strong and nicely.

Ease of Use

The tent contains an A frame set at the entrance which helps to hold up the door, as well as a galvanized steel pole that goes in the middle of the tent. These are pretty easy to tell apart due to the difference in height and size. 

When installing the tent therefore, it becomes quite easy to set up these rods in the tent as you would only need to ensure that the middle pole is securely installed, which will provide an easy start for the rest of the tent. 

The outside of the tent contains little hooks which provide guidance on where to place the ropes that will be fastened onto the stakes on the ground. The hooks go all round the tent, ensuring that it is securely fastened and pegged down. 

Tent ropes, fastened onto the stakes on the ground.

This isn’t too overwhelming for one person to set up, but it would, of course, be quicker with two. At 42 lbs / 19.41 kg, the tent isn’t too heavy for one strong person, unlike other bigger tents made of canvas. 

The larger 4-person and 6-person tents of the same model will require two people for the set up.

Packed Size and Weight

At 258 gsm for the cotton canvas material, the tent weighs roughly about 42 lbs / 19 kg for the packed size. Naturally, the 4-person tent weighs heavier at 60 lbs / 27 kg while the 6 person tent stands at 83 lbs / 38 kg. 

This tent wouldn’t be for backpacking use, but rather, to be transported in a vehicle and set up for a longer stay. As a result, when camping with this type of gear you would need a truck or a car to get to your destination.

Pros and Cons


  • Two stove jacks 
  • Various sizes 
  • Excellent height
  • Waterproof material


  • Stove pipe is not completely fireproof
  • Not completely waterproof if rainfly isn’t used
  • Prone to mildew if not properly dried
  • Separate cost for rainfly


Comfort and Space8/10
Weather Resistance7/10
Ease of Setup7/10
Size and Weight8/10
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